The slimming the hips is like any slimming second section of the body weight loss because you do not get in certain areas of the body and not others, according to our choice because the fat to accumulate in specific places is hereditary and can not be avoided.
But by following a healthy diet will and hips because it will make you lose weight from the area where the accumulated fat, whatever this : the abdomen, buttocks, , …

So I advise you to follow a diet low in calories so meals rich in fat, sugar and healthy meals can be prepared from recipes Dieting I add myself on the “appetite”, I I oversee them and you should try to be diverse, delicious and low-calorie course.

And that drinking water, including at least 2 liters per day, and to carry out sports activities such as walking or any activity other athlete to burn , 5-3 times a week, for 45 minutes at least as well as exercises for strengthening your muscles in the region that are bothering you.

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