It is very important to calculate the amount of calories that enter our bodies, they run into people who are overweight skip main meals at all, and barely eating, where the calories came and how they lead us to obesity?

But remember that eating chocolate on his way to the office, or nuts addressed without consciousness last night, and what about the cakes I’ve ever had after dinner.
We all forget this small meals but why not weight loss !!

What can I eat 1000 calories a day ??

1000 calories may be a large amount of food, and may be something that does not also mention, that they were large and saturated meals may be, delicious, and the meal will be ready one delicious full of fat and calories, but will generate a feeling of wanting more.
1000 calories diet may include all of the following

A lot of power.
Two tranches of ordinary bread or toast four slices of bread.
Cup low-fat milk (250 ml).
Egg, or two pieces of grilled turkey.
Cup low-fat milk.
Grilled potato.
A small piece of chocolate.

And surprise …. may include diet 1000 calories just any one of the following foods:
Three triangles Pizza.
Box chips.
Six cheese.
Six local drinks cans.
10 biscuits with chocolate.
150 kg roasted nuts.

So what is the solution?

The solution is to be aware of everything that we take and calculates everything !!

Yes optimum way is to Date … record all eat, it would be annoying at times, but will prevent you from eating unconsciously.

The body gets the fuel from food that we eat is fat, which is used between meals and fasting for long periods stores, and during follow the diet.

What you can eat chocolate instead of 100 grams board, which is very easy to end it?
The value of this board calories equivalent to the following foods:

Six slices of bread or plain 12 light slice of bread or tortillas with salad or vegetables, canned appetite or an apple and a small piece of chocolate …. and together totaling the equivalent of 500 calories.

With a little research and focus we will remember calories for 100 grams of the types of foods, and then we calculated the amount that we want, and so we are more aware of the food we eat

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