There are many tips and food systems Dieting Weight Loss, which centered on what to eat and what to avoid to. In this article we review the simple ways proved to be effective in weight loss and maintaining curvaceous body. These tips do not include the quantity or quality of eating and even ways possible to do in our daily lives to ease the process of weight.

1. keep a daily written a note in which the food that you eat at each meal and between meals. This method showed good results for those wishing to ease the weight of that used by many nutritionists in their clinics. Many people are not able to determine the quantities they consume in a day, just put it in a note on the food helps the quantity and quality control eating.

2. Avoid large evening meals or eating dinner late, be sure to eat dinner before eight pm in the evening. When you wake up in the morning you should feel hungry after a short period, this hunger indicates that you did not abound eating the night before.

3. Stop eating when you feel full (this may mean eating half that amount do you eat now). Chewing food well and to identify at least 20 minutes to finish the meal, which is the time needed by the brain to analyze the feeling of satiety. Poured eating in a small dish size also helps reduce the quantities consumed.

4. Taking the basic meal or snack before feeling very hungry. Starving the body or the feeling of hunger for long periods leads to overeating, so I ate almost every two hours. And always remember that feeling of hunger is not a part of a healthy diet on the contrary, ‘it shows a certain imbalance in the diet or a diet that Taatbonh.

5. maintain a snack at all times so as not to feel hungry between meals. Snack such as almond, coconut, fruit, milk with TWO pass, a small sandwich. Avoid “chips”, confectionery and quick meals.

6. If you feel the need Crisp despite taking all the basic and light meals do not resort to starches or sugar. They ate a meal with a choice such as Homs or with carrot and low-fat milk.

7. drinking water, coffee, tea or herbs such as algal, anise, chamomile, cinnamon, ginger … while avoiding juices and soft drinks. A common mistake committed by many an interpretation thirst as hunger so drink water and fluids reduces the hunger placebo.

8. preparing food at home and avoid eating in restaurants. Your breakfast in the morning and light meal after breakfast to take with you to always or university attended. Make sure to eat the main meal at home. Big Mac meal contains 560 thermal units and 33 g fat. While chicken breast 85 g + Ras potato amid + half cup green beans + cup milk + cup juice contains 560 BTUs and 5 g fat. As you are at home it is lunch time Mark main meal in the evening. Then take a snack at lunchtime.

9. Take the day off Free Day. That does not mean overeating and eating nothing but love him or she desires. It gives you the ability to follow-up in the system and remove the sense of deprivation.

10. Take the different types of foods so as not to get bored, in many cases, a healthy diet fails to believe that the person healthy foods options are limited.

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