Rice grew up in China and spread to different countries of the world, until the rice is now believed 50 percent of calories for half the world’s population.

A lot of talk from the White rice Is it harmful or beneficial and what about the idea that “our people eat white rice from generations and did not cause them health problems” and is it true that all the food around us become harmful if what we eat?

What is the difference between white rice and brown rice?
– A grain of rice when picked: composed of the outer shell, the crust, the remnants of the crust (chaff), and the fetus Alandoserm starchy.
– Brown rice: the outer shell is removed and the pill is composed of the crust, the remnants of the crust (chaff), and the fetus Alandoserm starchy.
– White rice: handles and the remnants of the crust remains where Alandoserm and starchy.
Valorz brown retains the fiber, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. It is also very rich in metal manganese, which helps in the formation of fatty acids important for the body and get rid of harmful free radicals, which result from the metabolism or energy production acids. One cup of brown rice per day provides a full body need of manganese. The oil found in brown rice crust helps in reducing cholesterol in the blood.

The white rice is not only keeps the remnants of crust and Alandoserm starchy. Which loses all nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fiber present in the fetus and the crust. It becomes more like a shadow of a grain of rice, and become very low nutritional value and is a source of carbohydrates nothing more.

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