Said trained specialists in the field of sport, that most people are focusing on some exercises without the other as they choose the wrong exercises in addition to that excessive exercise leads to a sudden feeling tired due to an error in understanding the nature of the appropriate exercise of their body with the followers of some dietary habits wrong.
1. Excessive exercise
When you get to the gym you’ll find yourself very enthusiastic and want to play on all devices in the hall but soon this enthusiasm turns into a sudden fatigue and lead to feelings of failure. However, the exercise for long periods and on different devices in the early days is one of the biggest mistakes, as the body does not absorb this amount of effort leading to a significant increase in your hormone and cholesterol that leads to the opposite result and is overweight.
2. overeating.
To maintain an ideal weight should be 80% feed system is perfect, and 20% sport, where sports system does not work with the failure to follow proper health system, while the exercise of normal to feel hungry sports, but be careful not to eat meals such as pasta because the body will absorb way Links leading to a lack of weight loss, but the correct way is to eat healthy cuisine such as fruit or vegetables and a certain amount after the end of exercise.
3. Do you tire of exercise?
Including no doubt that the exercise of individual sports is not interesting at all, it’s better to participate in a collective training such as the zomba, Aerobics, belly dance, they make you Oktherastmtaaa and enthusiastic.
4. Do not lift weights:
Contrary to popular belief that training weightlifting burn fat, this is a lie, the light training at least as important as weight lifting, so the body changes more positively with individuals who spend more time on the treadmill.
5. lack of drinking water:
A person needs about 1.5 2 liters per day, equivalent to 8 cups water, but most of us forget to drink water, so the loss of water in our bodies can reduce our performance sports, and the result is that the lack of drinking water during exercise slows the speed of burning fat .
6-sleep for a few hours:
Sleep of the most important factors to lose weight, build muscle, and get rid of injuries, entire ecosystem of iPod leads to difficulty in re-building the body and difficult to burn fat and build muscle.
7-pessimism when sports practice:
That you feel frustrated during your practice of sport leads to failure to lose weight, always remember that ” a healthy mind in a healthy body ”.

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