Adoption of the morning exercises morning exercises help you lose weight in several ways

-Start the day with exercise helps burn fat 3 times for when the exercise at any other time of the day, this is due to that the main source of energy in the body during the day comes from carbohydrates, and used by your body to accomplish its functions during sleep hours and that link between 6-8 hours. And so, in the morning it does not find your body carbohydrates needed to feed the same energy, begins to burn fat in the body in order to obtain energy.

-Cortisol hormone in the body is at its highest in the morning, and this also contributes to the process of fat burning in the body.

-As the morning exercises contribute to enhancing the metabolism in the body during the whole day, it means burning a greater amount of calories during the day and thus lose weight.

-Studies show that morning exercise before breakfast helps not to gain weight in the short term even with eating foods high calorie or high-fat.

-Morning exercises also work on the organization of the biological clock of the body and help you sleep faster and deeper.
Eat breakfast in the regularity eat breakfast and not be neglected also contributes to the success of the weight loss process, as follows

-Breakfast helps to raise metabolism, and delayed until late or canceled, the metabolism slows down dramatically, and lead to the body to crack down on the muscle tissue for the protein needs.

-Eat a breakfast with regularity morning exercise works double dose to burn fat. Fujbh breakfast raises the metabolic rate that contributes to burn more fat in the body.

-Try eating protein in the breakfast because they are easy to digest and give you a feeling of fullness for a longer period, what drives you to eat less amount of calories for the rest of the day.

-Attach proteins with fruit or fruit juice and whole grain bread and fiber is a powerful tool for weight loss.

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