Sport is an effective weapon for weight loss, which is the most appropriate means to gain a curvaceous body and maintain a sound health, sound mind is in a sound body.

From here, Vanessa food specialist sports and trained in Svelte clinic draws in an interview for “An-Nahar” that “people do not always know the difference between weight loss and loss of muscle, where the choice of the type of sport affects the person.” She adds: “If a person has the muscle mass weak and trying to lose weight, it can not then turn to the cardio, but who wants to download many weights and uses the perfection of objects (body building) will be unable to fat loss.

Thus, the body type and muscle and fat helps Choose the sport type. But the misconception among some is that if we want to lose weight should not play sports. ie if someone is trying to lose weight and then carry weights, you will not be able weight loss because the weights increase the proportion of muscle in his body. ” Divided exercise into two parts: Cardio that increase the heart rate and movements of the force, explained that the Cardio helps to burn fat through brisk walking, and the use of the Treadmill, swimming, and machines sporting electric, in addition to sport the Zumba, and Aerobics. All of these sports contribute to raising the heart rate and burn fat. The power lies in the physical movements, movements that raise the proportion of muscle and improve body shape and being able to fat loss. strengthened through the muscle, and this way we can know the most appropriate for us. Often the coaches athletes in sports clubs to know what it needs club. But the problem is that these people who are not specialists in relation to food, therefore, it is necessary to consult a specialist nutrition to help more in the coordination between food and sport.

“She adds:” We must do sport 3 hours per week, or about half an hour per day, It can be divided into 3 times, an average of 10 minutes at a time. According to the latest studies, it is necessary to start Pray force then move on to the Treadmill and not vice versa. asserts that the “3 hours enough in the week to exercise. The body, starting from the 90th minute starts to burn muscle if you do. Thus, we recommend directly after exercise drink a glass of milk or yogurt, or eating a meal full of red tape so as not to eat the muscle itself.”

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