Offers you a global nutrition expert Amy Shapiro20 advice on the fast, for weight loss without the obligation strict diet.

 . Not deprivation! Nutrition expert “Amy Shapiro,” advises eating foods that , not to slogan for the deprivation of our food favorite, but on the condition that it not only to handle.

Eating until feeling-sufficient
Usually what you hear in etiquette lessons need to fork placed between every bite and the other, then the way along it approach to bug the life of the women’s help weight loss, where stop between bites process lets you know when you stop eating so as not to pray to the stage of full fullness of the stomach.

Vegetables by more than half! You nutrition expert stresses the need for a dish contains a large amount of vegetables, so that at least half of the dish, contains fiber and water and a lot of eating does not hurt .

Small size Whatever taken abroad, whether coffee or a salad or dessert or a meal, Strive always the request of small size, which or you eat.

Reduce Canned Food If you’re someone who can not resist canned food, such as potato chips and candy, you take a very small amount of which may be up to eat only one pill nothing more.

Indispensable salad or soup Try to calorie intake, by starting to eat a salad or soup before eating the main dish on the table.

No bread for breakfast! Stay away completely from eating bread at breakfast, as this will help you lose excess weight quickly.

Leave one quarter in the dish Make sure when you eat any of the main meals in a restaurant, leave your about a quarter of that amount in the dish, where it is often presented in what quantity dishes are twice as much as your body needs, of course.

Moisturizing body throughout the day Often it strikes puzzled when we feel thirsty where we think we need to eat, but the whole thing does not exceed that your body needs to be hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses a day, plus drops of lemon Besides the delicious flavor that you gain waterproof, will supply your body with vitamin C.

Beware of refraining from eating Of the common mistakes I have a lot of the ladies, I cut out all day dining on the pretext that they they follow the diet, but with the advent of the night hours are too hungrily Althemen food makes them available front of them so increase their weight.

Eating fruits while watching TV In case you feel hungry and you television, it has gone through the date of the main meals, according Bring full of fruits or vegetables or popcorn and , usually make you sit in front of the television to feel hungry.

Snack before concerts Usually accompanied by concerts and weddings pub food, and do not even Tafrti in eating delicious food there, eat a snack, “Snack” of food before leaving the house, such as fruit or nuts to run on your appetite a little dam.

Snack and meal in the bag Make sure you always when you go out of the house, to take a snack “Snack” such as fruit or nuts food with you, even if I was not hungry prey to the temptations of appetite and food unhealthy.

Water instead of juices Instead of drinking juices that contain high-calorie, drink water to stay hydrated your body.

Every body a little bit of meat! Give your body a little bit of comfort from eating meat on an ongoing basis, and Focus for some time in the main meals to eat fresh vegetables.

Whole grain foods It’s hard to yourself from eating carbohydrates at once, but a good result there are alternatives such as careful to eat bread made with full of love, it makes you feel full for longer and do you keep the rate of sugar in the blood, other than it contains minerals and vitamins.

The bread made from white flour transformed into sugar in the blood, and in the case of non-burned quickly it reduced the body fat in the body.

breakfast Attendance eating breakfast daily, the body help to increase the burn rate and not eating too much at night.

he spent an effort Try as much as possible to make physical exertion for at least three hours a week, whether to go for sports halls or walking to the bus stop or the subway or walk up the stairs and so on from a simple but meaningful activities.

No meal after dinner Natural that calories give the body’s energy, so you do not need for energy in order to sleep, hence Never eat food after dinner.

Control the amount of food intake So as not in gorging on chips or sweets, put the bag in the packaging or in a dish until the intake quantity exactly.

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