Last meal in the evening before going to sleep to be three hours.
– A lot of drinking water is very important to cleanse the body of waste fat.
– Do not drink the water while dining.
– Drink water after meals will be three-quarters of an hour to an hour.
– Should drink at least 12 Cuba of water a day because it stimulates the body to absorb food and thus lose weight, and do not consider the old argument that water is stored in the body.
Order food in the diet is very important to alert the satiety center in the brain –
First, drink water frequently. Second: salad
Live to change the taste of eating only
Third: animal protein. Fourth: Vegetables
National chewing the food slowly, and enjoy national and savor every morsel. –
Beware of eating while standing, since the human eat larger amounts if he was standing. –
If you feel hungry after an hour or two of the meal I eat a cucumber. –
– Try to increase the period of your practice of exercise because the body does not start to burn fat only after 30 minutes from the start of practice.
– Avoid smoking and alcohol, it reduces the body’s ability to burn fat.
– Must caution when salt intake because fluid collects in the legs in case of sitting for a long time.
– Eat three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.
– Do not eat late at night so as to allow for the stomach to digest food efficiently

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