Do you see a way to change the body from 35% to 8% fat? Do you see in this picture any talk of body weight? Do you see any mention of BMI body mass index?

But as a man enough for you that up to 8% and the proportion of fat as a woman to pray to 15% fat ratio, without specifying what is called as “ideal weight”?

Target identification through mass index or by weight is a big mistake cause you many damages.

An example of how to spoil your whole life relying solely on weight:

If we assume that the current weight of 100 kg, and was determined ideal weight by 70 kg. If the required loss of 30 kg, right? … Error!

This is because the mere weight loss Bergam tough cause you a big loss of muscle mass. And find that after you arrive at the so-called ideal weight that you have fat ratio is still higher than the 25% for men or 30% for women !!

And here comes the problem (areas) that are not badgers, such as rumen or the sides of the man, or the lower part of the arm and a woman. And Add to that the large decline in the large fat burning and firming rates in weight and a huge increase in the feeling of hunger and depression.

So, you better focus on access to the ideal ratio of fat, and not an ideal weight.

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