Sea Bream fish with vegetables


Let me ask you a few questions and I want you to answer honestly:

When you are a student, do you feel hungry during exams? Um I felt compelled to break the accursed during the exam period so that they can focus?

On holidays and occasions, would you commit to diet? Or you receive by the wall and retaliate against the violent yourself eating greedily, as if you will die tomorrow?

Are you committed to your system during Ramadan food before? Are you committed to the feast?

When you enter the kitchen, do you refrain from taking a spoonful of this and a taste of this and drink “sip” of this fast?

Do you feel happy and comfortable during the accursed? Or feel depressed and deprivation?

Unexpected answer unfortunately. So how to solve all these problems?

Solution: You must have your diet consists of all your favorite foods. You should not put any restrictions on the type of food. If you like a certain type of fruit, of it, and do not listen to those who tell you that there are types of fruit infect obesity or other burns fat.

If you like a particular type of meat or carbohydrates or fat etc. Then capturing the situation with regard to the final outcome of calories. As long as dealing with the amount of calories less than your daily needs of calories will increase your weight. And of course there is what is called fat burning or negative calorie, etc. ..

If you are a student undergoing a period of exams, you should eat a good amount (and calculated) of food in order to meet the great needs of mental energy and can seriously tickets.

If you feel hungry after work, focused large amounts of calories in a meal after work. If you find it difficult to sleep at night because of hunger, eating large amounts of food before, the increase in weight due to eating before bedtime big myth.

Bottom line: you must control your diet and twist it to improve your life and this is what some of Ba calls “easy diet”. not the opposite . Do not let your diet controls you or makes you feel depressed and deprivation and fatigue. This speech is very important to the owners of very heavy weight, because the long careers. And it should not be this tragic journey full of intense hunger and deprivation and depression.

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