One of the best example of this way is to reduce the desires of your stomach and appetite and simply get used to the lower amounts. The best way to do this is to minimize the meals and eating small, frequent meals .eat slowly, as it gives a sense of satiety fast. And then your body will start to Baltaud less and less food to reduce stomach .. is the subject of discussion in many cases by health experts. But it is possible to reduce the size of the stomach safely and without surgery, simply by changing eating habits. You may always feel hungry and dealing with more food and fill your stomach standing, and zinc offer you ways to minimize the size of the stomach to reduce the size of your stomach are filling the stomach with less than the usual food and drink, which lets you easily a lot of people who are overweight to control your weight and weight loss They are turning to surgical procedures such as laparoscopic gastric belt. But Here’s the good news: Experts have found that the size of the stomach can shrink naturally within three to four weeks without resorting to surgery.

Here are the top tips for how to reduce the stomach naturally and the best ways to minimize the size of the stomach naturally:
1. Eat breakfast:
One of the simplest ways to control hunger is eat breakfast regularly. People who remain all night without food and skip breakfast, the hunger to rise to more normal levels in the middle of the day or at the end leading to intake more than normal. So eat breakfast of the most important things that help shrink the stomach and eat moderate amounts of food.
2. eating vegetables and whole grains:
There is a way to control hunger is by eating foods rich in fiber. Vegetables such as spinach, mushrooms and broccoli provide a high level of healthy nutrition. It also gives you a sense of satiety which is low in calories.

3. Eat slowly:
In general eat slowly is a good strategy when trying to lose weight. The body needs to between 20 and 30 minutes time to send a signal to the brain to give a sense of satiety. When you eat too fast, the person will be more at risk of overeating. A strategy to eat slowly and enjoy the food will really prevent you from eating too much and help to reduce the size of the stomach naturally.
4. Drink water:
When you drink enough water, it helps you feel full often. Doctors have recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day because it prevents the body’s desire to eat more often and give the feeling of satiety and help reduce the stomach normally. Read about the diet water
5. Get enough sleep:
Studies show that people who get is an adequate amount of sleep, the body in the production of the hormone (hunger hormone), which increases the appetite, hunger and eating larger portions, and at the same time get a decrease in the hormone (a hormone satiety), which It makes it difficult to control hunger. So sleep early and wake up early works to improve hunger and satiety hormone level and helps to eat in a natural way and reduce the size of the stomach without the need for surgery.
6. Use smaller dishes:
Eat large dishes it sends a signal to the amount of food that is not enough, but a few and put food in smaller dishes sends signals to the brain suggest fullness, regardless of the actual quantity of food in dishes. The same amount of food in smaller dishes are put certain help you to eat less without notes, which helps to reduce the size of the stomach and a natural way

7. Avoid eating in front of the TV:
Eat in front of the TV makes you eat without feeling the quantity you eat, especially if fast food with high calories, so it is always advised to avoid eating in front of the TV to help shrink the size of the food intake and reduce the size of the stomach naturally.
8. keep the snacks out of sight:
Numerous studies have shown that people eat much more when food is visible instead of being put in place out of vision, even if they know it exists in a particular place. To avoid extra snacks must be tempting to keep food in a place far from view or outside the home.
9. chewing food well:
Chew food slowly gives a sense of fullness more quickly with eating less food amounts Bsarat less heat.
10 – refrain from eating junk food:
Foods sold in fast-food restaurants are full of calories and fat that is geared directly to the storage form of fat in the abdominal area. So we must refrain from eating junk food and replace them with food and health authorities, such as vegetables and fruits.

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