Sea Bream fish with vegetables

When you follow a special diet helps you lose weight must include the foods help burn fat. And because it works to increase the rate of metabolism and hormones that burn fat and get rid of toxins in the body that could stand hindrance when weight loss. So you should take notice of these foods miracles happen for you and should be consumed from within the diet you have.

Here are 10 very strong foods help you get rid of the fat easily.

We know that the health of broccoli vegetables, plus it contains a substance (Aristophanes), which stimulates the enzyme from burning fat.

There is an easy ideas to eat broccoli such as fried cauliflower with lemon peel and chili flakes. Or broccoli and zucchini with olive oil and lemon juice and mint and pine nut.

Avocado does not contain a high percentage of fat. It has a mono unsaturated fat and that link to cell membranes and interact with Hermonat burn fat. In addition, it enhances the metabolic process by protecting cells from the harmful effect of free radicals.
Ideas for easy meals: You can eat eat half Alovakado with sea salt and tomatoes during the breakfast. You can add Alovakado and spinach and green beans to power. Or provide Alovakado juice with coconut milk and cinnamon.

Brazil nuts: it helps to burn fat .otazz of metabolism by converting thyroid hormone to an active. And get rid of toxins, which are stored in the cells themselves constantly in CCAMLR cellulite.
Easy ideas to eat walnuts: eating nut milk with vanilla and cardamom or sprinkle nuts on the mango or papaya or include it in acidic fruit salad.

Shea seeds: is a rich component of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins and fiber despite the fact that these seeds are very small in size but it is able to control the appetite and thus increases metabolism. And you can soak the seeds of Shea for 15 minutes until double in size before eating.
Easy ideas to address the shea seeds: Action pudding and that the seeds of Shea Shea soak the seeds in the milk and add the walnuts raw almonds and coconut milk and pineapple and cool addressed.

Salmon: You can experience salmon fat on the abdomen and taken regularly. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which works to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce fat and waist circumference and also works on the salmon thyroid stimulating hormone, which helps increase metabolism.

Easy ideas to eat salmon: Action salad with watercress and grapefruit .tnol smoked salmon with dill and mustard.

Oysters: Oysters calories low calorie contain about 6 oysters contain only 50 calories. And is the richest dietary sources of zinc, which helps to control appetite and the feeling of satiety. You can eat oysters with lemon.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil contains the triglycerides. And American Studies of Nutrition has shown that the greatest loss of abdominal fat over 16 weeks were at increased consumption of coconut oil. And you can use coconut oil in cooking or add it to the authorities to give a different flavor.

Cinnamon: of aromatic spices that helps move glucose into cells faster and increase fat burning. For those of you eating at least a quarter of small hanging from cinnamon to reap the benefits in fat burning.
Easy ideas for cinnamon: Add cinnamon to vanilla juice. And the work of the seeds of Shea pudding and apple cinnamon.

Coffee: There is another reason to make you love coffee in the morning, is that they help to generate energy and increase the body’s ability to regulate insulin and fat storage hormone in the blood.

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