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The metabolism and fat burning chemical process turning the body where the food we eat into energy and the body needs this energy to do all the daily activities worse motor or mental, this energy is also important during the rest of the performance of functions such as breathing, and distribution of blood throughout the body.

Metabolism is affected or metabolism by several factors such as genetics, gender, age and levels of hormones, body size and composition, and activity level, and if the metabolism slow or low can have a significant impact on the energy level and body weight and overall health. Some reasons for the low fasting metabolism, lack of eating, relying on a diet or an unhealthy foods low in calories and lack of physical activity, eating snacks of sugary foods, drink a lot of sugary drinks, poor or inadequate sleep, stress and accumulation toxins in the body and there are other major factors responsible for the slow metabolism is situations such as diabetes and thyroid.

Some of the most common slow metabolism diseases are low blood pressure and pulse, fatigue, weakness, constipation, dry skin, high body fat and increase sensitivity to cold and men usually have also a higher rate than women. If your metabolic rate is low, there are some simple changes that can be performed in your daily life and some simple home remedies that increase metabolic rate and learn more you can continue reading this article useful.
The following are the most important ways to increase metabolic rate and burn fat:
1. Green tea:
A study conducted at the University of Geneva in Switzerland found that green tea increases metabolic rates and speeds up fat oxidation due to the presence of powerful flavonoids and antioxidants in green tea, and in addition to that, the green tea works as a stimulant to increase metabolism.
Add a small spoonful of green tea leaves to a cup of hot water.
And leave it covered for 5 minutes.
It is filtered and add a little honey.
Drink 2-4 cups of green tea a day.
You can also take 300-400 mg capsules of green tea extract a day after consulting your doctor
2. oils:
Often it recommended this ancient practice in the withdrawal of oils to remove toxins from the body, and can also be used to increase metabolism, where it is inexpensive, harmless and easy to do.
Put a tablespoon of coconut oil or sesame oil in your mouth.
Distributed around your mouth for 20 minutes.
Spitting and brushing teeth in the normal manner.
To do so daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

Note: Avoid gargle or swallow the oil.
3. Chili (Chilli):
Chili contains a substance Alcapsonsin working to generate heat, which is the process by which the body’s cells to convert energy into heat, according to a 2008 study at the University of Aarhus in Denmark, said the chilli increase the heat generation, which in turn helps to provide temperature appropriate body metabolism.
Add chili or chili powder Filv to soups, salads or any kind of favorite foods
You can also take supplements of capsule twice daily with food.
4. apple cider vinegar:
Apple cider vinegar is good therapy to raise the metabolic rate, allowing to burn calories more efficiently, since it helps maintain the pH of the body’s natural.
Mix 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.
Drink it every morning and before meals.
Follow this daily routine.
Note: You can increase the amount of apple cider vinegar gradually for up to two tablespoons of food in a glass of water a day
5. lemons with warm water:
If you’re trying to increase your metabolism, you should drink a glass of warm water with lemon a day, where that water with lemon helps the body hydrated survival and helps fight cravings of hunger and can add black pepper to the lemon water to increase metabolism and help the body to lose weight .
Add half a lemon juice to a cup of warm water.
Mixing a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of black pepper powder to the water.
Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.
Drink a day to stimulate the metabolism and metabolism.
6. Ginger:
Ginger has a thermal qualities, and this means that when consumed can increase the body temperature a bit, and this helps to increase the metabolic rate, and in addition to that, the ginger helps to increase the sense of comfort so that you eat less food and burn calories faster.
Add a teaspoon of chopped fresh ginger to a cup of boiling water.
Coverage and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
Strain and add honey.
This tea drink slowly 2 or 3 times a day.
You can even chew a small piece of fresh ginger capsules a day or taking ginger supplements after consulting your doctor.
7. Increase fluid in the body:
Drink water and fluids very healthy as it boosts metabolism and helps the body to burn fat more quickly. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, the drinking 500 ml of water increases the metabolic rate by 30 percent among healthy people, on the other hand, dehydration slows down metabolism dramatically.
Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.
Drinking ice water 1 or 2 times a day.
Drinking a few cups of herbal teas such as chamomile tea, green tea, ginger, mint and others.
Drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
Drink coconut water and low-fat milk, soy milk, yogurt, fruits and vegetables with a high content of water, in addition to the regular intake of liquids.
Note: fluid requirements vary from one person to another, so you need to adjust according to your body.

8. get vitamin D:
Vitamin D speeds up metabolism and helps you lose weight, studies have shown that low levels of vitamin D may lead to the accumulation of fat, which in turn reduces the metabolic rate. In addition, vitamin D promotes the intestinal absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate and zinc, which are essential for a healthy body.
Exposing the body to the sun early in the morning for 10 to 15 minutes a day to help your body to produce vitamin D.
Eat foods rich in vitamin D, such as fatty fish, milk, eggs and liver.
You can also take vitamin D supplements after consulting your doctor.
9. a healthy diet:
Along with eating healthy foods it is necessary to follow a healthy eating pattern to increase metabolism, eat regular meals and snacks support a healthy metabolism and metabolism throughout the day.
The day began a hearty breakfast, I found a study in 2010 published in the International Journal of Obesity that breakfast rich in fat can boost metabolism and help the body to burn more fat during the day.
Eat small meals frequently throughout the day instead of eating large meals.
Eat healthy snacks between meals.
If you are trying to lose weight, you should avoid heavy dinner, and also dinner at least two hours before bedtime.
10. Exercise:
Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to increase metabolism, when you exercise sport it increases the metabolism and the production of energy that the body needs to do everyday tasks rate.
Additional tips:
Eating oily fish such as tuna and salmon in the diet.
Eating a diet rich in vitamins C and B, calcium, protein, iron and fiber.
For your safety, do not skip breakfast.
Choose organic foods in the diet, because it has been found on the toxicity of pesticides to slow metabolism and promote weight gain.
Avoid eating at once and quickly.
Determining calorie needs and develop a plan of your diet accordingly.
Avoid starving yourself because it can significantly reduce the metabolism
Do not take more than one type of supplements to increase metabolism.
Avoid stress because it increases the amount of cortisol in the body that can hinder metabolism.
Get enough sleep because lack of sleep can slow down your metabolism, increase appetite and increase the risk of obesity and weight gain.
Drink a cup of coffee a day, a small amount of caffeine can boost your metabolism by stimulating the central nervous system.

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