For today, we’re going to help debunk some more nutrition misconceptions by analyzing a meal, truly thought was a great choice for someone trying to managing their weight.

The meal: A grilled chicken sandwich with a baked potato

Now, while on the surface that may look “pretty healthy” compared to a Big Mac with fries, if your goal is to burn fat (which Sherry’s is), it’s definitely what we would consider a fat-burning DISASTER.

Why? Well, let’s take a look at the individual components of this meal.

First, when we dug a little deeper, we discovered that Sherry’s grilled chicken sandwich is being served on regular ol’ bun…white bread. Heavily processed wheat, and even wheat in general, is one of the worst things you can consume while trying to shed unwanted fat. As we’ve discussed in previous newsletters, even the “brown” versions of bread (wheat, rye, etc) are generally heavily processed — sneaky manufacturers just add food coloring to give them the “whole wheat” appearance so they LOOK healthier when indeed they’re not.

Our basic rule for fat loss is to avoid bread — with the occassional exception of sprouted grain bread, like Ezekiel bread, which contains no processed flour. Even then, I’d limit bread to twice a week.

Then there is the baked potato. And while Sherry does enjoy his baked potato on the conservative side (without all the sour cream, bacon, and cheddar), with just a bit of butter it still packs 300 calories and over 60 grams of high glycemic, insulin and blood-sugar-boosting carbs. Add that to the heavily processed bun and in just one meal Sherry is eating nearly ONE HUNDRED grams of what are some of the WORST carbohydrates possible.

A much better lunch option would have been grilled chicken with a medium sweet potato and a heaping serving of green veggies. Now, that’s not much different than Sherry’s original grilled chicken sandwich and baked potato lunch, but it stands head and shoulders above it from a fat loss perspective.

Now, believe it or not, white bread isn’t even what we consider to be the worst carb out there.  No, there is one particular carb that is FAR worse, and at the link below we’re going to let the cat out of the bag on what is undoubtedly the #1 WORST carb EVER, and how the money-hungry food industry is conspiring to sneak this nightmare carb into just about everything.

In the end, this extremely common carb wreaks havoc on your fat-storing hormones in a MAJOR way, and has even been shown to hamper memory, slow brain activity, and increase your risk of Alzheimer’s.

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