It is actually of the finest and most beautiful thoughts that haunt me, when we wish to lose! Weight increase of course! Then replace it by an increase in confidence, elegance and beauty, we imagine ourselves when we walk the most beautiful dresses that as long as we wished to boast between them our friends.
In order to achieve this goal in a short period of time, sometimes we resort to various means to get rid of the pounds that weigh scales and weigh down our hearts. Then some of us look forward to the rapid loss diets, which is 5.4 kg per week! But, unfortunately, these promises are not honest!
Is it possible to lose weight fast?
Although you can lose pounds quickly in the first few weeks, they will not last long. Because when you lose 5-4 kilos rate in the first week, this does not mean you lose fat stored in the body, but most likely this kilograms be made up of water, glycogen glycogen and protein from muscle.
After a week of commitment to the rapid diet, Tauden old eating habits, your body pounds that he shall Khosrtaha through the storage function of the elements that Vqdtaha during the harsh diet.
How is the weight loss of the accumulated fat?
The process of weight loss occurs when the body consumes calories (or energy) than enter it. Simply means reducing the amount of food and increase the sport contribute to ease the weight of accumulated fat.
It is good to know that for the loss of half kg of fat, you must consume fewer calories 3500. If Qllta between 500-1000 calories from your income of calories per day, this will bring together for the 3500- 7000 calories less per week and thus ½-1 kg of fat loss per week. It is a balanced equation between what goes into your body of energy and what comes out of it.
In general women need to average 2000 calories a day and men to an average of 2,500 calories per day. And when you follow a diet, is not advised to follow the diet provides less than 1,200 calories for women and 1500 calories for men, this in order to maintain basic body functions.
All of this leads us to an important conclusion: the loss of fat from the body, may not be the loss of more than one kilogram per week!
What are the instructions to lose weight in a healthy way?
• Put the goal can be reached. If you know your weight and health, you will have this commitment from the food to your system connects you to the target flexible and healthy way, increasing your spirits and encourage you to complete the road towards the ultimate goal.
• Follow a healthy diet you provide him with nutritionist and depends on the calorie reduction is appropriate for you not to miss any of the food groups.
• receptive loss slow and regular weight at a rate of 1- ½ kg per week (may be faster in the first period to follow the system)
• Drink rate of 8 glasses of water a day to keep your body Mrdoba. and water also helps you feel full.
• Exercise regularly.
• Atakve healthy eating habits in your lifestyle.
• my plans for how to maintain the weight you Khosrtah.
• Do not worry if Ahzta increase of 1 kg in weight from one day to another, it may be due to an increase in the water, glycogen or dinner I’ve ever had on the previous day weight.
Good advice:
Follow harsh diet and weight loss will cause rapid weight loss of muscle mass, and this is not desirable because the muscle mass in the body is the bloc, which speeds up the energy and calorie consumption process in the body even when a person does not make any movement.
The balanced diet by specialists, with regular exercise will provide regular weight loss and healthy Tsttiein and thus maintain the lost pounds. So try to change your lifestyle today for a healthy body now and in the future.


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