Be you and do not try to be someone else! We have come to life, we are all objects have different sizes and shapes, including long or short body. Short and the body may be full or it may be thin, and there is a large body of his bones and other small bones, and no body with broad shoulders and buttocks tight, another body and his shoulders are narrow and a broad buttocks.

Most of sizes and shapes the body is due to genetic factors, despite the fact that everyone can change his body to a limited degree, by decreasing or increasing some weight, but it can not be – any diet or under any circumstances – the work of a complete change of the body; Because the body was not built originally in his debut on the form in which the body owner may want now. Here are some facts about this topic:
First fact:
The individual can reduce the increase in body weight accumulated in the buttocks, but it can not turn these buttocks filled, agility to reach the strength of celery sticks!
The second fact:
Fat to lose: lose fat or lose weight! The more accurate and scientifically more correct to say: “lose fat”, not “lose weight”, because the definition of obesity is associated with the accumulation of excess fat in the body.
Usually described as a fat man, when in his body fat represents more than five and weight, while the woman’s body fat, when more than a quarter of its weight creamier.
And it expresses body weight from fat, bone, tissue, water, and various members of the body weight. For example, if given diuretics or laxatives, cause you to lose some water and liquids, and therefore reduces the body weight, but in fact it is not a reduction of fat, but it is to lose weight is due to a lack of water and liquids. As well as the loss of muscle mass leads to the loss of some weight, and this case is also not a loss of fat but is the loss of weight caused by the loss of some muscle mass.
Healthy behavior:
The third fact: Obesity-related illness human behavior, not just the kind of food! And control and permanent weight control is not a panacea save you a diet of grease and excess weight in a few weeks or months, but it is a method of continuous life, maintains the health and weight permanently.
And requires a permanent and weight control combined treatment of mental status and behaviors related to eating, and recognize how your acceptance of body shape control, and the extent of Totherk in rural and people around you, with the exercise of activity and movement regularly, in addition to the selection of varieties of health food.
determining the goal:
The fourth fact: Goal setting is one of the keys to permanent weight loss. The objectives of these three types: short-term (finished), medium-range, long-term (continuous). It must be a constant goal, not terminated. And should not be your goal to lose some weight so that they can wear your clothes to attend a specific event .. This, for example, a finite goal, but it should be your goal of health and fitness and feel good and permanent weight loss .. Fastmrrarih target guarantee you maximum rate of success, and help you avoid the risk of relapse after achieving goal.
Delay and procrastination:
Fifth truth: careful of delay and procrastination, because the delay and procrastination usually repeatable, and Almsov loves the word (later) and record highs in the words «I’ll do», and innovate in a call to the arguments and justifications that prevent him from doing his work, and call the thing against him at the same time. You see says: «it is necessary to begin to lose weight seriously and determination», and says in another place: «do not allow my case now decrease my weight .. it draws relax and rest and more food !!».
The temptations of food:
Indeed sixth: How to protect yourself against the temptations of food?
When you feel the urgent desire and intense longing to eat, be sure to refrain from eating for 10-15 minutes, because the desire to eat less after this period, and must stay away from thinking about food and care to engage in another activity has nothing to do with eating, such as taking a warm bath, or do clean the house, or even listen to music or read a book. Important that this activity is associated with eating. In addition, be sure to report the appropriate amount of food to eat. Eat slowly, and zest to each bite with no guilt or defeat, if you succumbed to the temptation of food, because it might affect the more people will.
“Hankering” Chocolate:
Seventh Truth: learn eating chocolate without feeling guilty. And chocolate of the most common that lead to Alacrity addressed the kinds of food, and the inability to get rid of easily dealt with, and guilt. Therefore, the following strategy can be applied to eat chocolate without feeling guilty, and at the same time dealt with in a healthy way:
Eating carob alternative to chocolate.
Not to buy chocolate when you go shopping.
Careful to buy small packages.
Careful to put chocolate in places difficult for you to access them easily.
Avoid eating chocolate during the feeling of hunger because it increases the longing and yearning to be addressed.
Eating chocolate after the completion of eating the main meal (about fifteen minutes) limits the desire to be addressed later.
Eating a piece of raw dark chocolate (containing fewer calories and taste stronger), instead of biscuits covered with chocolate or milk mixed with chocolate.
Eating a piece of chocolate candy (80 calories) or half a cup of chocolate ice-cold skim milk (100 calories), with a cup of sliced ​​strawberries (20 calories), instead of eating ice cream chocolate flavor.
Mix half a cup of chocolate milk with skimmed Diet soda water.
Use the grated chocolate on skimmed milk (small spoon of grated chocolate contains 20 calories).
Wrong behaviors:
Indeed eighth:
Avoid wrong behaviors related to eating. This includes avoiding:
Eat quickly (at the wheel of obesity in the deliberation Fitness).
Eating provide large portions, as scientific studies have confirmed that the exaggeration in the development of large quantities of food on the table or eat from cooking utensils or immediate large increases gluttony to eat, and do not feel full, eating large amounts of food without awareness or enjoy ).
Careful eating remaining in the dish, studies have indicated that people who are obese are always keen to eat the meal provided to them in full, and to devour the rest of the food in the dish, and they eat these additional food quantities, although their sense of satiety, so Resort to remove the remainder of the food under the slogan «habit only.»
Do other work while you eat, even if it’s just watching TV or reading or making a phone conversation, because the brain in this case linking eat and the activity that you are doing.
Eat while preparing or serving food. This is one of the bad habits which we are sometimes, and cause in dealing with additional quantities of calories do not realize it.
Eat at more than room at home, and therefore you are dealing with food while roaming the house from room to room, and is keen to eat here and there, so we find that obese people are keen to keep some food in the living room, kitchen and bedroom and in the bathroom sometimes.
Eat late at night, which leads to the accumulation of calories to burn lower energy rates at night and during sleep.
Dispensing with one of the daily meals, which is one of very bad habits that are inconsistent with the agility, because it increases the influence of hunger, caused largely increase the amount of food intake at the next meal.
Over-eating during the ongoing social events for parents and friends in fast-food restaurants, meetings, and to eat meals full of fat, and these events represent the effects of social pressure and change of diet followed and is keen to continue.
Bida food:
Indeed ninth: Be careful of food fads harmful to the body, as to the importance of resistance obesity and the need to achieve agility, you must avoid the phenomenon of Bida wrong diet harmful to the body.
And one of the food of the diet fads harmful include the need for separation of carbohydrates, proteins and fats investigation of the Diet and Fitness. These fads are not based on any scientific basis, because the natural foods contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats together in the composition of a food item per itself, but to varying degrees, and the biological processes metabolism of food components of the three, are compatible with each other in the overlap tightly compatible, to check for the body higher nutritional benefit. Valgluckoz (the final product of the digestion of carbohydrates) and fatty acids (the final product of the digestion of fat) and amino acids (the final product of the digestion of proteins), the vital path that produces the energy that the body needs intervention.
Diet which leads to fluctuation of body weight increases and decreases called nutrition experts «diet yo-yo». Scientific studies of the seriousness of this diet has warned, as a result of increased exposure of the body to heart disease, much higher than what has been exposed to the body chubby fixed-weight almost as «diet yo-yo» leads to more of the body’s resistance to lose weight, so nutrition experts recommend not less the amount of nutrients in the daily meals for the extent that it provides for the body about 1,200 calories, unless there is close medical supervision.
For example, the diet rich diets in protein and low in carbohydrates, harmful to the body. After about two hours and a half hours of eating these meals turn protein into glucose to provide the brain needs, and with the continuation of this diet turn the body to the vital operations that work on breaking down muscles ( basic components is the protein), and thus the body loses its muscles and show it doubled year and signs of fatigue, and muscle mass in the body is considered as a burning calories energy food machine, resulting in the direction of the body to most of the energy obtained from other foods in the form of storage fat, standing, and weighed again after that lack significantly in the first place. And therefore the body gets weak year and increase fat, muscle weakness and resistance to lose weight again.
The truth of the tenth:
Beware the accursed who eats your body.
The meals must contain the accursed the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals in the range of standard and specific needs of them a day. The aim is to avoid shortages and damage to its existence, so the body does not start in the consumption of existing ones in the tissues and the internal components of its members, a situation described as harmful dangerous that the body began to eat itself.
Due to the absence of all these vitamins and minerals in one food item, the daily meals should be based on diversity and moderation in the content of natural foods, to ensure that the body needs for essential vitamins and minerals. And therefore dangerous heresies diet that deprive the body from eating certain foods appear, they expose themselves to harm from lack of it.
And before you eat any meal diet is not looking only what give it a low-calorie, and the consequent lack of body weight, but you must make sure they contain vitamins, minerals and key nutrients from fat, protein, carbohydrates and fiber, so do not start to eat your body.

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