Human habits differ, often, in the winter than in other seasons, especially in summer and spring. In the winter, usually, what one needs to be his home, where fear of his movement, and spends a long time in front of TV, or in front of a computer and offers to eat the delicious foods without packaged the consequences of this behavior on his health, and adversely affects the body, from the point of obesity.

How we are facing obesity winter?

“The increase in food cause increased amounts of calories, and then weight gain because the body translates this excess quantities to white fat, while the fat you gain body warmth are brown, such as those with young children, due to genetic programming.”

Here Below we show the views of experts and professionals about nutrition with regard to weight gain in the winter in the form of Q & A:


Do we need more food in the winter to keep warm?

There is a common belief eliminates the need to eat more to gain warmth. Dr Ahmed Ahmed, consultant gastrointestinal surgery and treatment of obesity in the Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London: “The error of this belief, because the people who gain weight in the winter also feel cold more than others.”

While the white fat stores energy, the structure of the fat burning calories to produce energy and warmth, why, if, in the tendency to eat more food when you feel a cold winter?

Explains Dr. Ahmad: “The winters have been associated in the past famines, Vafterdt One theory, known as the theory of” gene Savin, “we are programmed genetically to increase fat stock in the autumn in order to survive and the ability to continue to live in the winter, the problem is that we do not now need to store fat, as he did our ancestors, because of the abundance of food all times of the year, there is no longer famine, and thus no longer consume food stocks. ”

Nor is such a convincing argument to increase our weight winter although the theory is correct, it is theoretically possible that our genes tend to store fat, but that does not prevent us from controlling the course of events, and on what we eat, according to Dr. Ahmed.


What is the reason permanent feeling of hunger in the winter?

If wore winter clothes, we maintained our homes warm all the time cold weather will not cause any significant changes in appetite and Akabbalna on food.

According to Dr. Jeremy Tomlinson, a professor of endocrinology at the University of Birmingham, the for our bodies a great ability to keep varying the temperature, even in winter, so the feeling of hunger originates mind and think only, and can we attribute to the hormone melatonin, for example, which is stimulated by darkness, and earns us the feeling sleepy .

Dr. Perry Barrett, a researcher who specializes in increasing mammals weight during four seasons at the University of Aberdeen, Fischer for his part that the hormone melatonin ratios in our bodies go down in the spring and summer, and go up in the winter and autumn, and thus may have a hormone big role in moving the appetite.

The increase of melatonin in the majority of mammals reduce the feeling of hunger, it is suitable to deal with dwindling food resources mechanism, but in some species the same mechanism occur adverse effects, so it’s possible that this is the reason for the feeling of hunger and thus weight gain in humans.


Why is eagerness on the food in the winter?

What is surprising is that the amount of what we eat in the spring and summer than what we eat in the winter and fall, and what happens in reality is that we change the quality of the food in the fall.

Barrett says: “We are entering our bodies to the large amounts of carbohydrates in the spring and summer, but we tend to fall in the high-fat foods desire to gain a sense of joy.”

In the opinion of Professor Craig Jackson, chairman of the psychology department at the University of Birmingham City in the winter we tend to a bit of fun and happiness, to our sense that the overall atmosphere in the winter because of the cold misty boredom airspace, rain and darkness. According to Professor Jackson, studies have shown that when we controlled feelings of boredom, we resort to eating soft foods and available under our very eyes, by twice the normal conditions. As in the winter we tend to eat energy-rich foods, and calories that contain high levels of fats and sugars.

The problem arises when you are this fast food in a sudden reduction of blood sugar levels, what makes human Ahvo to food, and enters this conflict of hit-and-run, and the body stores the excess calories in the form of fat.

Many of increasing their weight in the winter and wonder in spite of the stability of the quantities of food that used to be addressed throughout the seasons, the researchers attribute it to vitamin D deficiency associated with exposure to the sun, less brightness in the winter, as well as people just as likely a lot to get out of their homes, and if an event So they go out wearing heavy winter clothes, gloves, headwear, what reduces the chances of skin exposure to the sun, according to Dr. Stephanie Dillon, the first lecture in nutrition at the University of Central Lancashire. Previous studies have indicated that vitamin D deficiency stock makes the body stores more fat.

Dr. Dillon says: “The lack of vitamin reduces the cracking of energy stocks in the body, they remain calories intervention in the form of stored fat cells, rather than converted into energy benefits the body.” According to Dr. Dillon is shown by several studies of obesity and weight gain lack of vitamin D link, which advises eating more fish, and exposure to the sun for 20 minutes a day, with the need not to cover the upper arms.


How do I get rid of weight gain in the winter?

Causing the cold weather and lack of movement and laziness and frequent eating sensation and feeling of warmth in the winter weight gain significantly from the summer season, and most of these blocks accumulate cholesterol in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs area, spoil the shape of the body

And it undermines the harmony of. The reason for this is due to the popularity of eating in abundance in this chapter, in addition to lack of exercise and daily activity and sitting for long periods without any connected motionless.

Here are tips brought to you by doctors and experts stating that remain throughout the cold days away from laziness and lethargy, and avoid overweight and obesity increase in winter:

Stay away from fatty dishes:
Do not deprive yourself of delicious dishes fatty which generally tend to preparation in the winter, but was prepared to consider the method of preparation. When prepare stews of meat, for example, choose lean veal sheep instead of fatty meat, and used a little of the oil during cooking, rather than a lot of obesity or butter, and add a lot of onions to enhance the flavor and absorption of fatty substances
In potato-based dishes, more use of vegetables, such as zucchini, eggplant, beans with potatoes so you do not get a large amount on your plate, but less than starches that cause obesity amount. And when preparing sauces, use half the recommended amount of cream, and used a few fat cream instead of full-fat.


Best soup dish Food:
Eating soup dish at the beginning of the meal, because it fills the stomach and makes it ready to receive less food. Recent studies have shown that regular consumer of the soup is generally thinner than the rest of the people.

And when you prepare the soup dishes with vegetables, more than squash and beans instead of potatoes. These vegetables contain fewer calories, which is rich in fiber, which make you feel full and stimulates bowel action.

On the other hand, do not chop the vegetables are very soft but Mark vegetables diced medium-sized so you have to chew thoroughly before you swallow it, what force you to eat more slowly then you feel more Bhba.

The soup dishes pulses, such as lentils, beans and chickpeas, it makes you feel more satiety, as well as being rich in protein and fiber. You can also add the noodles to the soup, it absorbs water and turns to gel in the stomach which helps you feel full.


Drink two cups of water before each meal:
Because this habit protect you from dehydration and give you a sense of fullness, it reduces the Akabbalk gorging on food, especially if you suffer obesity, and whenever dealt with a meal of fast food then drink two cups of water, because those foods in which fatty substances and sodium.


Fish protein instead of meat:
Protein is an important element indispensable in body building, but to help him carry out his duties and to maintain the health of organs, replace red meat with fish grilled and boiled, and you can eat fish a lot, fish also better health in many ways, he is the best choice to provide you with your needs of protein without additional calories do not unnecessary, such as that found in red meat, especially tuna, salmon, herring and Almacarrila In particular, it contains three amino acids and fatty provide you with useful vitamin «D», as well as interested in eating beans once or twice a week.


Focus on fruits and vegetables:
Eating vegetables and grain piece of fruit at noon and in the evening, and piece of fruit during breakfast and afternoon. In this way, dealing with the five recommended daily quota of fruits and vegetables. I know that fruits and vegetables are generally fiber Gnetan, and in which a small number of calories, helps the intestines work in a good way.

In winter, it focused on bananas, kiwi, apples, oranges, carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, kale, and pepper. To diversify the flavors, the authorities or juices or “brioche” attended the low-fat, and fruits, they are as well as they are rich in vitamins and taste very delicious at the same time, it strengthens the immune system. You can set up fruit salad Ptkotaiaha in the form of cubes or slices together beautiful forms keeps thinking about the cake or cupcakes or “brioche”, including in respect of calories without enormous benefit.


Eating almonds:
Almond abounding in fiber and protein, which is an excellent warrior of hunger. Studies have shown that those who ate Hventan of almonds a day over the long weeks feel less hungry and never getting their weight. And specialists are advised to consume a whole almond kernels, what force you to chew before swallowing it. In this way, digestive juices can not control on the part of Dhunha, improves digestion.

It should be noted that other nuts, such as pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, reveals itself almost characteristics.


Snack between lunch and dinner periods:
It removes the feeling of fatigue and help to avoid excessive gorging on large amounts of food at dinner.

For dinner: Be sure to eat a cup of yogurt with some vegetables, cucumber, green pepper, as well as eating cheese with tomato, cucumber or watercress and radish. Overall patron eat more leafy vegetables and salad diverse.

Finally, if you feel that you multiplied the food at night you walk a day, even for an hour until the evening retain body lithe and lovely.


Focus on calcium:
People who consume a greater amount of calcium are usually thinner than others. Within the cells, calcium prevents the accumulation of fat, stimulates driven, and thus the body get rid of them. The intake of milk, cheese and milk on a regular basis, and taking calcium supplements if you notice that your intake of foods is not enough.

If you can not afford milk, you can compensate by drinking mineral water rich in calcium.


have breakfast:
Nutritionists say that eating breakfast in the morning is the best way to fight hunger before lunch. So eat whole-grain bread with yogurt or cheese, in addition to the grain of seasonal and a cup of tea or coffee fruit.


Good mood:
Studies have shown that the smaller the body is exposed to light, decreased production of serotonin, responsible for the well-being of the neurotransmitter. So, when you feel tense and the desire to eat, be sure to eat the healthful foods and not those harmful to her.

It focused on foods rich in omega-3 acids (such as walnuts), and magnesium (such as black chocolate) and vitamin C (such as kiwi fruit and acid) and vitamins B (such as Chestnut).


Remove toxins from the body once a week:
To get rid of toxins accumulated in the body, abrasive diet of toxins based on fruit and raw vegetables, rich in enzymes and antioxidants, and generally missed to animal proteins was adopted. I focused a lot on the body moisturizing and delete all sugars and saturated fats. In the morning, cocktail author of apples, fennel or vegetable juice. At lunch and the evening, eat carrots or beets with olive oil. During the day, drink plenty of green tea free of fat and fluids to help the body to discharge accumulated toxins.

There are three fruits rich in vitamins fights fatigue and helps to heal the wounds and the intestines work better, which is short: kiwi, orange and lemon Indian.


8 tips help you avoid obesity

To avoid obesity in the winter, and stay throughout the cold days away from laziness and lethargy Here are eight tips brought to you by doctors and experts:

1. go out once a day, at least in the open air:

Go out for a day at least half an hour outdoors, whatever the weather. Walking outdoors improves mood and stimulates circulation, and pure oxygen the body help much. Add to that the walk is a wonderful, easy, and beloved sport, and helps to maintain the body harmony and raise the fitness level, but note the difference between walking and taking a walk, so walk steps regularly consecutive non-stop for half an hour with the regularity of breath, the whole body and let move freely but tighten your chest and your abdomen while walking.


2. day move for at least two consecutive hours:

Choose what suits you and your preference, whether the Swedish practice exercises or aerobics, or even contribute to the order and clean the house or even amusement behind young children, it stimulates circulation and makes muscles relax and burn calories.


3. Be sure to sport in your daily routine:

Had every five minutes, if you find that you sit prolong the period. And you while seated on a chair to shake hands or feet in sports movements graceful.


4. shift from hot to lukewarm bath:

When switching from a hot bath to lukewarm water it stimulates the blood circulation and strengthens the immune system, while hot bath removes muscle spasm, and move to the lukewarm water gives you a sense of freshness and vigor and vitality, so it’s best to follow this behavior, especially in the bathroom the morning to get rid of the feeling Balokhm, lethargy, while In the evening you can enjoy a warm bath before going to bed directly without eating anything but a glass of water.


5. Enjoy anything instead of watching TV and eating:

Your free time is the arch-enemy of fitness Vachgl your hands and your mind away from eating or feeling bored or vacuum, or Engage yourself enjoyable things you love has nothing to do follow-up television or eating. For example, immerse yourself in the bathtub with warm water around you put some candles That makes you feel pleasure or follow daily news magazines or web sites do not deal with food while watching television.


6. sleep enough:

You must sleep continuously without a break for 7 or 8 hours a night, according to the need of the body, because the body needs to rest periods such as the need to eat and the air, so do not feel nervous or loss of concentration which may push you to compensate by eating.


7. Resist the urge to eat sweets and enjoy Ptdhugaha:

Do not eat desserts only, because it is at hand, and when you find that there is something sweet deserve to eat it, then select the items one Alohhy and dearest to you and take according small without being filled, enjoy it without reprimand conscience, but be sure to take it slowly and enjoy each spoon. The goal is to fill your desire for sweets, but a small dish of Snevk favorite, in order to limit the quantity without deprivation. And preferably in the morning or night.

Since we want to eat a lot of sweets during the winter to feel the warmth, it is advisable to choose the few fat desserts, or replaced Pfakeh ripe and delicious season, or dried fruit, such as dates, figs, prunes, raisins, rich in calcium and magnesium. Also addressed the few fat milk derivatives which are an excellent source of calcium and protein, when preparing homemade pastries, replace the normal alternatives to sugar-free calories of sugar, a condition that this be valid for exposure to high temperature alternatives.


8. A lot of spices and spices Kalqrvh and Arabic gum, saffron and pepper it brings a sense of fun without the increase in weight in the winter.

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