Although obesity plays an important role in heart disease and arteries, diabetes, joint pain, high blood fats, but the injury anyone obesity carries another danger that could threaten his life as it is located in a downward spiral of follow various diets and medicines and herbs slimming is It increases the chance of chronic injury syndrome Venqs fat diets of weight and then return to the previous weight to just go back to dietary habits, but it is possible to increase weight more than it was Faisab frustration, distrust and increasing physical burdens.

If you are suffering from obesity and trying to lose weight one way or another we recommend to follow health guidelines that nutrition experts recommend them.

From most roads popular is to abstain from food or fasting for a certain period or follow food diets limited calorie followers diet cabbage or milk, dates, despite the success of these methods in weight loss, but the weight that has been lost not only fluids and muscles, the risk lies in the

– Increase the acidity of the blood.

– Hypotension.

– Increase the level of uric acid in the blood.

– Constipation.

– Decrease in the rate of metabolism.

– Depression, frustration and deviation from the normal life of man who does not soon be back to normal food intake and weight Vistaid former path.


As for the high-protein diet that focuses on eating protein-rich foods as eggs, meat, chicken, fish and dispense entirely from carbohydrates, fats and The danger of this type of diets are as follows:

– Increase the burden on the kidneys.

– Increase the chance of developing cardiovascular disease for these foods rich in saturated fat and cholesterol.

– Injury constipated for lack of food on which they depend diet dietary fiber.

As viruses and other weight-loss and which depend on the type or blood type and assume the existence of a relationship between blood group and type of food appropriate to lose weight, as each clique of blood fits some types of food while not fits other types which increases the chance of obesity, but did not prove the accuracy of this the relationship as to the validity of these studies diet and the extent of the damage that has been caused not available as the body may not get enough of the essential food item may be Mahtora on a specific group of blood owners.

With respect, diet-based eating grains, herbs and operate different mechanisms to lose weight mismatch of depends on the loss of appetite to eat affect the satiety centers in the brain but may accompany the use of a number of side effects such as high blood pressure, convulsions, headache, tachycardia, heart palpitations , the loss of salts and vitamins may sometimes cause coma while other types depend on the absorption of fat is recommended taking it under medical supervision and finally operate some medicines and herbs Kmshlat and is dangerous in causing ulcers in the intestines, the loss of vitamins and minerals and severe constipation when you stop using it.

The content of the solution to obesity depends on the will and the existence of a genuine desire for change as carrying a man inside huge potential to be tapped in the right way to reach the goal, you put your goal to lose weight by changing your system and taking into account to avoid food wrong behaviors and to ensure continuity even earn usually food fresh and health must be replicated and commitment, and always make sure that your goals are realistic example, place a target that you lose 4 kg per month by following a balanced diet contains all the nutrients and fit your health and remember that diet alone is not enough you should have to commit to the sport regularly and start gradually and remember the limits of your body is not strained violent exercise and recommended the need to consult a nutritionist to guide you to the proper steps to weight loss and healthy way.

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