It is the subject of weight loss topics that pay attention and think about a large group of people because of the prevalence of obesity eerily in the communities. Unfortunately, many people are turning to follow the wrong methods to lose weight, which reduces body weight the wrong way and affect the health of the body in general, so it is advisable to always sources of our information is reliable and of a scientific basis and not to be influenced by what is spreading around the myths and false methods and unhealthy to lose weight. Here are some important tips to help you follow the healthy eating habits may help significantly in reducing the weight properly.
And here we mention some tips that may help in weight loss process:
1. Drink water when feeling hungry between meals, it would prevent indulge in gorging on food adds calories to the body unnecessary.

2. not to neglect breakfast, make a person less hungry on these meals.

3. begin to eat the green authorities at the beginning and lunch and dinner, it fills the stomach and speed satiety and reduce food intake.

4. Replace the milk and full-fat dairy products, low-fat ones give fewer calories.

5. stop eating once the feeling of satiety.

6. Replace the rapid absorption of white bread brown bread slow absorption.

7. Non-food use of sugar in sweetening beverages, such as coffee, tea and chocolate, or work on the use of other alternatives to desalination.

8. Beware of soft drinks, which contain a high amount of sugar the food Valabboh one of them where there is the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar that gives the excess calories.

9. adoption of whole foods as much as possible, stay away from refined foods (refinery), which lacks many of the nutrients as a result of emergency and non-emergency transactions of the spill.

10. stay away from fried foods in favor of foods boiled, or grilled.

11. The use of spices to perfume the food on behalf of the sauces (mayonnaise and ketchup and others)

12. stay away from canned or prepared foods.

13. not to eat the food in front of the TV, because this behavior often pays to use greater amounts of eating unconsciously.

14. chewing food thoroughly before swallowing, Valthor in eating and drinking leads to gorging on more food because the satiety center in the brain needs some time to be informed of the messages required by the digestive system.

15. Beware of soup because some of them contain fatty materials (butter, cream, oil), does not help in the success of weight reduction program.

16. eating chicken without the skin, because the latter contains a lot of fatty substances.

17. not to exaggerate the use of salt in food, Increased salt consumption contributes to fluid retention in the body and thus to weight gain.

18. when you feel hungry between meals can chew celery or drinking green tea they help in burning calories.

19. Order in health food restaurants instead of eating the adoption of ready-made foods that are high-calorie.

20. not fill the kitchen cabinets cuisine. Especially nuts and sweets, biscuits, chocolate … etc., so as to cut off the temptations and the possibility dealt with between meals.

21. do domestic work would remove its owner thinking about eating, and thus have an incentive to lose weight.

22. Replace meat with fish because it contains the least amount of calories.

23. Shopping food needs intelligently without exaggerations, preferably has written to the list of purchases, to avoid buy food more than needed.

24. Go to the market and stomach filled, this limits the surrender to the temptation and tendency L (meals entertaining) unnecessary.

25. not to rush to reduce weight, because this method will make the recovery of the missing kilo fines faster than lightning.

26. walk every day for at least half an hour, because it helps in weight loss and raise the morale of the person of perseverance to the program Altkhsaisa.

27. Use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever it has allowed it, it helps in burning calories.

28. Do not use the car for short distances.

29. dispense with the remote control in the operation of the TV or change stations.

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