When you mention the word addictive our minds go to alcoholism and drugs. But there is another kind of addiction is no less dangerous to health .a necessary means for survival. But there are people who have turned food into a way to die they feel vulnerable to the food, their behavior towards food is governed by the ability and the desire, not hunger .them lost his ability to the quantity of food that must be addressed Faisaboa addiction to food control is a very serious condition, have a negative impact on health, such as injury obesity, diabetes and heart disease, the arteries and others.
What is a food addiction? Is the cause of food addiction is a reflex behavior as a result of drift person behind his wishes? Or as a result of the case satisfactory need treatment? Food addiction is the loss of control over how much to eat case? And when to eat? Where it is aware of the individual that this behavior causes him harms but continue it as is the case with other types of addiction. There are factors physiological, such as addiction to alcohol and drugs, psychological factors, where the psychological factor plays the biggest role in the pathogenesis of addiction to food as a result of injury setbacks depression or failure and shame .taatdakhl in the composition of this food addiction ..
The term food addiction refers to describe the behavior of compulsive eating to certain foods such as sugars as a result of the impact of chemicals released by the brain such as dopamine-making cravings to eat more of them. This process is called reward system .amlah eat are extremely complex where shared and controlled by many factors and systems. What are the symptoms of food addiction?
There are several symptoms appear on the person who is addicted to food and those symptoms are available at all age groups, including the
· Discomfort and guilt when eating
Eat all the food in the dish
· Eat quickly
· Live daydream or worried while dining
· Eating greedily and insatiable, especially after exercise diet
· Eat in order to relieve anxiety and tension
· Injury overweight and obesity
How facing food addiction?
The goal of the treatment of food addiction is to get rid of or prevent serious health consequences. It used to change something it is not easy. This will require a combination of discipline, healthy eating habits, and exercise. In many ways, and treat food addiction resembles addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is handled this kind of addiction treatment causes after a good diagnosis of a team of specialists in accordance with the programs you need to follow-up and continuous evaluation. Where treatment programs are focused on the behavioral side the oldest here are some tips that will help you to get rid of the case of food addiction, including:

· Visit to the doctor
Get the advice of a doctor and a dietitian to develop an appropriate diet for your health.
· Replace your food select foods consumed frequently and replace it with a low-calorie, such as skim milk foods instead of full-fat ice or a bag of potato chips fried grilled potatoes instead of cream. Grilled meat instead of fried, drink fresh juices instead of sweetened juices, drinking soft drinks instead of sweetened low power.
· Times of your meals systems
3-4 eating snacks and meals instead of two large and focused on eating foods rich in fiber because it gives a sense of satiety Wei quickly forget a lot of drinking water because it helps to set the tone for the feeling of hunger.
· Programmed sense of taste
And Aill to eat fruits and vegetables that have scents to get rid of the influence of sweet foods that pushes you to be addressed frequently odors.
· Reduce the size of your plate
Use small dishes to eat instead of platters.
· Exercise
Try distracting the time you spend eating and shopping Exercise and Sport.
· Use an antiseptic mouthwash such as Listerine for gargling, which contains material help satiate your desire bug eating and the method used to extinguish the feeling physically hungry.

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