From one of the most important basics of eating in a healthy way in order to reduce weight is to eat less food and merely feeling of satiety, but unfortunately a large class of people eat double or triple their need of food, leading to increased unwanted weight and fat accumulation that leads to health problems Tather in the body and health. So Here are some simple tricks that pushes you to eat less amounts of food.

1. Use a fork:

Of very easy ways that ensure you are not over-eating different dishes, dispensing spoon and replace it with a fork or Chinese stick, as the method used to eat, ensure you eat less food and feel full quickly.

2.alotabaq divided:

Sold in markets dishes divided which is usually broken down into three or four parts, from which you can control the amount of food that Stoklha as well as control food intake. For example, you can put the protein in the part, and vegetables in another part while allocate the latter part of carbohydrates .However time you’ll find yourself you set the appropriate quantity of food, and thus get whatever size and shape of your plate.

3.otabaq small-scale and long-cups:

Many studies have shown that eating foods in small dishes, allowed to eat less food, as in the case of the desire to eat an extra dish, you will not exceed the amount required by the small size of the dish. As for drinks Vinsahk experts to address them in a long glass cups, as this size specifically gives you a sense of always put small amounts of liquids and thus control the amount of calories.

4.tjunb talk or watch Altlvazachlal eat:

Of wrong habits that may be acquired from the nature of the fast life, and that lead to eat larger amounts of food, eat through you are busy talking or watching Allvazoo anything else.

5.aaadad healthy snacks:

Of the things that make you avoid eating biscuits or sweets between basic meals, use of chewing sugar-free gum. You can also some vegetables and fruits Kaldzrawaltvah cutting small pieces and stored in containers in the refrigerator and eat when you feel hungry between meals.

6.oadha of tricks and really affecting that prevent you from eating more food, attendance to drink water between meals or when hungry.

7. Non dispense with the three daily meals:

Common ideas and wrong at the same time, to give up any of the three daily meals or light “Snack” diets that permeate the diet, to reduce the weight gain, it has been proven that this is not true at all, because when you give up a meal become the body’s resistance to food weaker Hence the gluttony and especially in the last hours of the day. So be careful not to give up any of the three daily meals. For example, if you do not find enough time to eat breakfast, prepared a healthy meal in a bag covered in the way or once you arrive to work.

8.alastrha and avoid stress:

Brazilian experts proved that the persons attending to laugh, they are better able to burn fat faster, as a result of the strengthening of the hormone serotonin responsible for the happiness, and that reduces your appetite for food automatically.

9.aglaq Cuisine:

Finally, it is easy implementation tricks, close the kitchen door throughout the night after a meal the usual dinner, and preferably always addressed by the time eight in the evening and not more than ten, in order to prevent the entry of the kitchen over and over again to any argument eat more food.


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