Healthy nutrition play an active role in regulating blood sugar level is therefore recommended the need to pay attention to the quantity and quality of food eaten and review nutrition specialist or a specialist doctor to get the proper counseling.

There are several food choices available for diabetics, which calls indistinguishable varieties harmful and helpful to him the other to control the level of sugar in the blood and reduce the chance of suffering complications associated with a height is the most important food species that affect the level of sugar in the blood:

Fiber-rich foods:

The latest studies suggest that foods rich in fiber legumes, especially beans and lentils as well as vegetables reduce the risk of high blood cholesterol and heart disease and play an active role in the control of diabetes where the fiber contribute to the slow absorption of glucose amount commensurate with the simple Trkizalonsulan found in the bloodstream is therefore recommended diabetics eat 40 grams of fiber and at least on a daily basis.


The fruit is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber and devoid of fat but contain more carbohydrates proportion of fresh vegetables so it’s best to eat fruits, but in moderation

Proteins and fats:

The rich meat fat so would prefer eating protein sources is fatty legumes, eggs or fat is harmful, such as nuts and confirmed nutritionist Laura Farah Despite the high calories associated with eating nuts, particularly almonds and hazelnuts, but it is highly nutritious and good Dhunha they also help to reduce resistance insulin in the body and thus control the level of sugar in the blood.

Good sources of protein options:

Roast beef, low-fat cheese, skinless chicken breast, grilled fish and the quantities prescribed by a doctor or nutritionist

Bad choices of sources of proteins:

Fried meat, chicken with skin, fried fish, fatty cheese

As she nutritionist Laura joy that taking anti-oxidant vitamins, especially vitamin C found in citrus fruits, broccoli reduces cholesterol in the body and reduces the likelihood of heart disease, which doubles the chance of injury in patients with diabetes.

Diabetes and milk and dairy products:

Milk contains a lot of protein and minerals, the most important calcium

The best choices of milk and dairy products:

Low-fat milk, low-fat milk, low-fat cheese, low-fat cooking cream

Bad of milk and dairy products options:

Whole milk, whole milk, cheese, high-calorie

Diabetes and Beverage:

There are some drinks that contain large concentrations of carbohydrates that do not contain any nutritional value, causing weight gain.

The best choices of beverages:

Water, unsweetened tea, coffee without additives can be added or low-fat milk

Bad choices of beverages:

Sweetened soda, local tea, coffee added sugar or stones, chocolate drinks, energy drinks


Good choices of a few calorie sweeteners:

Alskrwazz: a local small calorie commonly used in the recent period, its many benefits is safe to use in patients with diabetes and a friend of the environment and the health of teeth and gives the same sweet taste of sugar food


Diabetes, oils and fats:

Most fast food contains a lot of fats, oils and eating large amounts associated with an increased weight also cause difficulty in controlling the level of blood sugar, but this does not mean that fat intake and Azwt at all, but dealt with quantities and certain types One of the best of these options:

Low-fat mayonnaise, olive oil, baked snacks, popcorn few calories

The most important advice and guidance provided by the nutritionist Laura, which helps to reduce the risk of high blood sugar levels:

● check the level of sugar in the blood and on a regular basis, if possible, taking into account the continuous monitoring of health status, whether this observation was subjective or by your physician because whenever blood sugar levels closer to normal level helps to reduce the incidence of other complications of diabetes.

● calculate the amount of carbohydrates daily intake because the body converts carbohydrates into glucose and this affects and raises the level of glucose in the blood

● need to review the dietitian for the work of special programs diabetes food and viruses with the need to opt-out and prepare food according to instructions so that thermal energy intake be commensurate with the ideal body weight.

● the need to exercise to avoid obesity

● eating bread made from wheat or grains such as oats, bran instead of white bread Mankhool

● Avoid eating foods rich Balskakr such as honey, sugar, jam, molasses, raisins, cakes, chocolate, soft drinks and sugar-sweetened

● food diabetics must be integrated and diversified so that it contains all the necessary food groups of grains and starches, fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products, meat and fat to meet the daily needs of the body, and must choose assessed at each meal foods by specific assessments for each class quantities.

● advisable to eat five snacks spread throughout the day, any three main meals as well as meals and snacks (Snack) with the need to attend meals on time and avoid eating large amounts of food at the same meal.

● avoid (as much as possible) eating foods rich in fat and cholesterol as the likelihood of infection diabetic cardiovascular 2-3 times the rate of increase for non-diabetic people infected with disease.

● reduce the food and food-rich Kalmakhllat its salt, olives, canned goods and other impact on the retention of body fluids especially for people with high blood pressure.

● When you are forced to eat your food outside the home should know how to choose your food with the need to learn how to prepare food ingredients used in its preparation.

● Drink 6-8 glasses of fluids a day at a minimum to help the body make the best use of the food.

● can be addressed without the addition of sugar such as tea, coffee, chamomile, anise, sage or by adding moderate amounts of low-calorie sweeteners safe thermal many drinks.

● eat more fiber-rich foods such as legumes and vegetables because they are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary

● Kalqrvh can use spices, cumin, black pepper and other spices to taste other

● can use low-calorie sweeteners, but in moderation

● lack of excessive intake of protein such as meat, although it does not have much effect on high blood sugar, because these foods contain the amount of calories that can increase the weight and increase the level of fat in the blood

● refrain from smoking and alcohol

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