Feeding a major role in improving athletic performance, whether in sports competitions Kalambarriet or sport aerobic or sport body building, and are based on the basic Annasralgmaiah namely carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, vitamins and minerals, each of these elements role in improving athletic performance.

The diet varies with the sport practiced by the type of person, for example: If you want to descent weight should a person reduces the thermal Sarath daily with the necessity of complying with eating from all the food groups calculated quantities and if you want to gain weight Oobina muscles must increase the number of daily calories coming from the basic food sources.

Generally must receive two-thirds of the sports (60%) of the daily it needs from carbohydrates, and (15-25%) protein and no more than 30% fat.


Tips for working to feed the athletes:

1-Before Exercise:

– Sports should address his meal before exercise B2-3 hours to give the body ample opportunity to digest food because eating before exercise directly leads to indigestion and nausea, which affects athletic performance in a negative light.

– Must have a meal before exercise a high content of complex carbohydrates (carbohydrates slow absorption) because they provide the body with energy for the duration of the exercise and the delay of feeling tired, and are found in carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta, preferably choose carbohydrates untreated because they contain fiber, which slows more than the process of absorption and thus provide the card body for a longer period and are found in whole grains (whole wheat bread, wheat, barley, brown rice, oatmeal, bulgur, frike), starchy vegetables as potatoes, corn, peas, beans, and should the meal contains a small percentage of proteins and fat.

– Try eating a snack containing simple carbohydrates (fast carbohydrate absorption) such as honey, dates and juice before exercise half an hour to an hour, this provides the body with additional card.

– Should drink enough water before exercise is necessary to carry out the functions of the body which improves athletic performance, and at the rate of 2-2.5 cups before exercise an hour to two hours, and about 1 cup quarter of an hour before exercise.

– Do not try eating beverages containing caffeine such as tea, coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks because they increase the loss of fluids leading to dehydration.

– Not recommended I start eating energy drinks for athletes or others may feel addressed vigilant after sports activity but soon feel sluggish and tired after a period of addressed which affects the performance athlete in addition to the amount of harm on the body, especially the heart.

– Is the fast food of the worst choices for a meal before the exercise because it is rich in fat, which slows the digestive process and increase the sense of apathy, and sodium, which increases the sense of thirst as well as it lacks nutrients needed by the athlete.


2. During Exercise:

It is advised to drink only water because absorbed faster than other liquids at a rate of 0.5 -1.00 cup every 15-20 minutes of exercise.


3. After Exercise:

Should drink enough water can be dealt with sports drinks or natural juices during the five-ten minutes after exercise to replace the fluids and minerals lost, then eating a meal containing protein and carbohydrates after an hour of exercise (in the case of the desire to descent weight) so as to compensate for glycogen stocks and to rebuild muscle strain while doing workout.


If you want to gain weight or build muscle:

You must increase your daily calorie consumption and focus on eating a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and proteins is milk and dairy products, eggs, meat, chicken, fish of the best sources of protein to contain them on all the amino acids needed by the body and then comes next legumes, nuts and grains.

Some may prefer to take protein supplements to the difficulty of eating of food sources in sufficient quantity, but must be done after medical consultation, so that does not exceed the total consumption of protein from 1.90 g / kg of body weight for those who want to build muscle, you should not take protein supplements randomly with taken from food sources it may cause an increase in the consumption of protein needed for normal body causing damage to the body, such as constipation and weight gain and problems in the bones and kidneys in the long run.

Examples of meals before exercise:

1 cup low-fat milk or empty + Corn Flakes from whole grains + dried fruit.

2. little cup milk or skim + Oats cereal + bananas, dried fruit or pass.

3. whole wheat bread + brick or low-fat cheese + cup juice or two tablespoons jam.

Examples of meals after exercise:

1. pasta or rice without oil + a slice of chicken breast or grilled meat + salad or grilled vegetables.

2. Tuna sandwich or turkey meat + low-fat mayonnaise + cup juice.

3. Low-fat yogurt + apple or pass.

4. milkshakes.

Note: Should the quantities by weight of the person and the type of sport practiced.

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