Energy drinks


The last two decades witnessed a great demand for energy drinks around the world in terms of sales, availability and ease of purchase. Currently notes the increasing appetite of students and young people to this kind of drinks in the belief that it increases the activity and mental ability and recently promoted as an assistant in the weight-loss process ..

Energy drinks work method:

Caffeine is a key component of energy drinks is classified as per the enclosure of moderate to high caffeine content (2.5-35.7 with caffeine per 30 ml) in addition to other components such as some B vitamins and the amino acid taurine (taurine) and some types of herbs rich in caffeine or ginseng or Kalmth guarana Add sugar and soda water that give the final taste.

A person feels after these beverages high-speed card resulting from the body’s consumption of sugar found in the package as well as an increased focus and pay attention, it believed that caffeine and taurine are responsible for.

But this case was soon begin to decline after the first hour as a result of the return of the sugar level and suddenly decline. On the other hand what caffeine does the truth is alert liar nerve among any that the person just feels vigilant, but this is associated with the case of fatigue and drowsiness leading to the inability of a person’s ability to complete the tasks and this is what explains the state of exhaustion that accompany the person after the package addressed and that may continue for some hours.

These beverages risks lie:


In the first place: lead these drinks intake to increase the amount of caffeine intake; where daily quantities are allowed caffeine and recommended should not Ttjol the approximately 400 mg, and Balltala the drink these drinks, especially with the other multilateral caffeine sources such as coffee, tea, and some soft drinks, and yerba mate, may lead to the person exceeded the amount allowed, which may cause a rise in blood pressure and sleep problems.

And here we must draw attention to the body’s sensitivity to caffeine, and the ability of addictive and quantity that may cause problems vary depending on the person and the body.



Add to all this, it must be pointed out that the problem of energy drinks lies not only in the amount of caffeine in danger, but rather the impact of all materials and herbal additives combined private and that the studies about the safety of some of these herbs remain. In addition to the need for a periodic checks on them to make sure they do not contain any harmful substances or non-permitted use


Large amounts of sugar

Another danger is the energy drinks contain a high amount of sugar that increase private gain weight in children obese.



● children under the age of 14 are advised to avoid these drinks are not the child’s body’s ability to deal with the amount of caffeine in them, leading to adverse and negative effects they have.

● Add to all this the infected children, prevents overheating or under drug for the treatment of these beverages.

● As for pregnant women may cause these beverages in large quantities and frequently to abortion

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