soft drinks

Note that soft drinks have become a significant and effective impact in the lives of human beings, where it invaded all the houses without permission, until he reached the case with people to replace them with water when you feel thirsty, it is striking that soft drinks is one of the favorite drink among young people, especially when athletes from them, After several studies and research by doctors and researchers have been sudden and catastrophic we have discovered in these drinks and the extent of danger to human health, especially the athletes of them.
What are the risks of soft drinks?
1. that each package of these drinks contain the equivalent of ten tablespoons sugar, and this amount is sufficient to destroy vitamin B deficiency, which leads to poor digestion and poor infrastructure, nervousness, headaches, insomnia, depression, muscle spasms and disorders.
2. This drink contains carbon dioxide, which leads to the stomach of important yeasts salivary digestion process deprived, so when these beverages through food or beyond, leading to the cancellation of the role of digestive enzymes secreted by the stomach, and thus not to take advantage of this food .

3. The presence of caffeine that lead to an imbalance and an increase in heart rate and high blood sugar and increase the pressure of hormones in the blood, causing infections and intestinal ulcers, is also working to weaken the lower esophageal valve, which in turn lead to a rebound in food.
4. the presence of phosphorous acids lead to osteoporosis, especially in adolescence, which makes bones prone to break, and this is one of the key things when athletes to their dependence on the strength and stiffness of bone in strenuous activities.
5. contains phosphoric acids that cause tooth erosion, especially the protective enamel layer her.
6. The presence of artificial sweeteners, especially in Diet drinks and Alleight, that lead problems in the brain, such as (the progressive memory loss and injury of liver fibrosis), and because of the high rate of acidity in these drinks that lead to bone damage and loss of teeth gradually.
Live experiments to see the seriousness of soft drinks:
1. Pour the packaging of soft drinks in the toilet and leave it for an hour and then drag the Siphon, you will notice that all the spots in the toilet may continue, because there is able to remove most spots citric acid.
2. for rust removal of Saddam your car or anything you want to clean, rub the place with a wet cloth drink Ghazi, you will see the magical effect to remove rust spots within moments.
3. removal of fat stains on clothes and cleaning car batteries.

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