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Outfits many food factories on the consumer attract and lure him to buy their products through a number of ways, which seem to us simple, but is of extreme repercussions of the impact in the world of marketing, taking advantage of people search for health products, or low-calorie, or what is known as products (Diet) for persons healthy people or patients who follow multiple viruses, to lose weight, or maintain weight or viruses diabetes, high fat and cholesterol, and high pressure and other diets.
These methods are packaging their products casings brightly colored shiny, posters containing “instructions” healthy food that will make you feel good about yourself when you buy them.
Here are some of these commodities, across a small tour in stores to be allocated a certain pillar products (Diet):
First, free from hydrogenated fat foods or – metamorphic (Trans Fat Free):
Trans fats, or hydrogenated, vegetable oils are liquid intervention in a series of industrial processes to come out after a solid part, because of the addition of hydrogen to the molecules. These industrial processes produce mutant fat is saturated in oil. And trans fats can not exist naturally, they are the product of these industrial processes, so the body is facing the suffering of the digested, and remain in it for a long time, during which all members of the body harm.
But when there are foods is a fat-free products, it means that every ration of this product contain (Less than 0.5 gram (gm) of trans-fat per serving) less than 0.5 grams of trans fat, not per package. If consumed many of the rations of this product, so you took the amount of trans-fats you the richness of it. In order to avoid that you have to only read the nutritional card is located behind the packaging, or on its side, which contains the components of the product in detail from the fat of all kinds, carbohydrates, proteins and other, indicating the amount of calories per share, or the whole of the product, or per 100 g of it. So what you have to do the work of simple calculations to know how much of the fines of trans fat consumed and how many calories addressed.

Second: reduced or low content of sugar, fat and sodium (Reduced or Lowered Fat, Sugar or Sodium):
When we see a (Reduced Fat, Sugar or Sodium), it means that this product contains 25% less in the components of fat, or 25% less of sugars or 25% less sodium, compared to the same product which is produced by the company, without writing these words . But this is usually the difference is noticeable and is accurate to the owners of diets. For example, there is a kind of soy sauces, each share is estimated at half ounce, or about a large tablespoon 15 g containing 920 mg sodium. The product that you wrote it (Reduced Sodium) Vthtoa food spoon it on 575 mg sodium. This is less the product of the first, but it is more than the amount of sodium that should take someone follows a low sodium diet.
I would add to that that the lower level of sodium to reduce, is 5-6gm teaspoon salt contains approximately 2.4 g sodium, and is equal to 2400 mg sodium.
And now, dear reader, noticed the difference with me When reading a (low sodium, Fat, Sugar), this means that each share of this product contains less than 3% fat, and less than 140 mg of sodium. This means that the word (Low) more precisely give in quantity compared to the word (Reduce) for it to investigate the accuracy greater when you buy the product diets written word choice by the owners (Low).

Third: light (Light or Lite):
The presence of these words on the food label means that the product is less by 1/3 content of calories, fat and sodium, compared with the same product and the same components. But you have to read in order to calculate the nutritional card will give you exactly how much per share.
For example, when comparing the type of chocolate ice cream labeled the word (Light) is the same type reducer found that the type reducer less half the fat of the same type. But calorie difference was about 30 calories per share, which is estimated at ½ cup. If we take the biggest cup we re calories teams, and possibly more. So we go back and reiterate that we work a simple calculation of the share and is not a complete package, even appreciate what we eat exactly.

Fourthly: Natural (Natural):
When we read these words on the product, this means that this product is free of preservatives and additives, or any manufactured materials. On the other hand, this does not mean that health is still high from the point of fat, sugar and calories and sodium.
Therefore note Dear consumer and do not let the words (Natural Sugar) or made of natural sugar fool you. For example, it may be written on the packaging label that the product came from naturally pure refined sugar, fructose instead of sugar derived from corn, or so-called fruit sugar. Scientific fact that consumption of a large amount of both types cause the same damage.

Fifth: made of (… Made with):
When you write these words on the food label, this means that this product contains special components. For example, when he writes a product that factory of organic materials (Made with organic) without specifying a percentage, it means that this product is made from natural ingredients, free from additives and chemical and colorful, and others. But, because it did not specify the percentage, it means that natural ingredients are 70% and 30% for manufactured products.
The product is made from natural materials fully written out (made with organic 100%) For example, products labeled Made of full-grain (made with whole grains) which really is not a whole grain, but mixed with 30% Btahin wheat is full white .
So Search product labeled 100% made with whole grains but did not find him look for another product.

Sixth: health claims Healthy claim:
The risk of tricks and allegations and the game of marketing at this as not only stopped, but extend to phrases and pictures claiming the ability to relieve some serious silent diseases, such as heart disease, high blood fats pressure, diabetes, using healthy ingredients in their products, such as, olive omega oil 3, fiber, etc., and images such as the image of a healthy heart, but at the same time hide the amounts of sugar and fat, sodium and calories during manufacturing.
So you dear consumer to test this claim, and that does not take all that promoted by the media, and all that you see written or a decree on food products for granted, but set aside time to shop and read the nutritional card well, and then simple calculations that will change occur not just Health System in your life.
Slimming means business
And as an aside, so I would like to highlight some means slimming business, the lies and propaganda related to commercial slimming ways:
First, herbal tea, or oolong tea, or mixtures Attarine for slimming drugs:
These herbs work according to the principle of rapid diet, people fool by saying that herbs if reports will not harm and is based generally on the principle of laxatives, where the cause of the mustache frequent diuresis and diarrhea, leading to loss of fluids and salts and vitamins of all kinds, and Telly stages of digestion and absorption of fat, where lead to fatty defecate. It recommends many of them to drink directly after the meal. The drugs recommends that you before the meal, and this exhausts the college and the intestines, stomach and cause inflammation and cases of kidney failure for many people who Iserfon to use. Or taking the types of drugs lead to vomiting, which is another way to hinder the digestion and absorption of fat process. But this shows the stomach and esophagus to Baltegrahat injury as a result of exposure to stomach acid.
Second: strange compresses between the work papers of some types of vegetables such as cabbage and belt Sauna belt link:
The many Prosecutor knowing the characteristics of herbs, under the guidance of people to work compresses of cabbage or lettuce or flower paper, Chiha and put them on the part to be Tnhifa, for the purpose of dissolving some of centimeters of fat, so as to convince the people that race or evaporated water resulting from the development of hot cabbage leaves dissolves fat accumulated in that region. If only the damage stands at only limit, and even raced people Bhoa cabbage at high temperatures to burn more fat, and the result was burns of second and third degree, causing a bigger problem for people are overweight and beautify the affected area.
In conclusion, the reader would advise that you do not believe everything he hears or sees him nor leave himself prey for commercial gain, and he has to know that modified his system and a healthy consists of a selection healthy food and drink water and exercise daily is the only best way to reach the weight desirable.

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