Known allergy disease for wheat or gluten (or Celiac) as the result of a defect in autoimmune affects mainly the small intestine, thus causing atrophy and damage especially disease those Balatny ten (Duodenum) and jejunum (Jejunum) leads to a marked decrease in the ability to digest and absorb most Nutrients.

Contrary to what was previously known that Sulaiak disease that affects children, it has been shown that there is a clear increase happen in adults, particularly females between 30-60 years old. And show symptoms of the disease in the form of diarrhea, vomiting, anemia (caused by iron deficiency) and weakness and fatigue, and weakness in the body and the loss of weight, and usually greasy diarrhea and malabsorption and swelling in the digestive tract and do not bear milk or any food that contains sugar lactose happen.

Often children show symptoms of the disease at the beginning of the introduction of solid foods containing wheat and therefore prefer the introduction of these foods until after the eighth month delay, according to the recommendation of several studies. And wheat allergy can be diagnosed by measuring the level of some of the antibodies resulting from anti-allergy or biopsy of the small intestine.

This sensitivity produces not only of wheat and its derivatives consumption (bulgur and frike and noodles, semolina, pasta and foods breakfast and tabbouleh and Fattoush dishes attending  flour such as Broasted Arabic sweets: Kunafa and applicable and Alktaev and Blackjack and baklava and pudding Basameed and others and chips which enters wheat, biscuits and citrus flour and Alaptifor and other candies and toffee and added flour) but also the intake of barley, rye and foods containing any of them.

As for Chauvin Many recent studies have confirmed that the oats himself had this to ether fumbling if only some of the contaminated wheat, so in the event of making sure that this does not contain oats or wheat derivatives it a patient can eat. The protein gluten found in these pills and products (especially wheat) is primarily responsible for the injury of such sensitivity and the emergence of symptoms, and therefore the most important therapeutic ways to stay away from any food source contains gluten, even if it is present in small quantities, this diet extends a lifetime.

In order to build a new Khmellat instead of those devastating intestine you need to have several months to complete the construction process, which requires follow-up with your doctor and dietitian during this period. The rice, corn, potatoes, white beans, bread-free of gluten (corn bread) of the most important foods that can be addressed by the patient.

It can also take different kinds of milk, buttermilk, yogurt, low-fat cheese and fresh juice in his health is stable, but he would prefer to avoid milk and dairy products in the event of illness and atrophy Alkhamlat fear of lactose intolerance. Preferably red meat eating lean fish and skinless chicken and egg whites and tuna and sardines without oil, beans and peas if carried by the patient.

Among the most important dietary guidelines for patients with Sulaiak the need to increase the amount of food intake by at least 20% compared to the natural Balaanaaj to a person of the same age is not infected with the disease.

As is advisable to eat a moderate amount of fat, especially the species are easy to digest like those in egg yolk and that may help give the important fatty acids, as well as the intensification of the rate of energy intake, preferably carbohydrates (starches) Statistics in private figs, grapes, dates, fruits, except in cases of diarrhea and diarrhea fatty it is better to eat fruit from the seed-free and non-soluble fiber such as bananas, apples and pears pulp orange pulp.

They also prefer the division of patient meals and 5-6 small meals instead of big 2-3. If symptoms persist for a long period of inadequate food intake must provide the patient pills vitamins and mineral salts, after consulting your doctor.
To read the card statement is very important and effective role in making sure-free or contain this product on a gluten, it may be added wheat for many products in small quantities to take advantage of it as riddled increase the density products Kalshorbac and sauces pasta and other sauces and cubes chicken broth, so it is very important The statement read card and meditate before taking any product ready, as should children who suffer from wheat allergy how to read the label and the contents of the product before eating education.

Must be parents and patients with disease Sulaiak wary of processed foods is packaged or bottled was not written on the packaging the necessary information useful. It is very important for parents to talk to school teachers to clarify the health status of their child and their need for more attention, especially for the children of kindergarten and early grades, it is possible that the infected child to feel addresses the wheat by mistake something of wheat products from one of his colleagues, causing stir up the immune system and thus the emergence of symptoms.

It is useful to meet other people with the disease and discussion with them so that the child does not feel only infected with the disease, the only deprived of certain foods.

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