The breakfast the first main meal received by the body after the “fast” for a period of 6-8 hours, during the sleep period. This meal and make up one-third of the energy that a person needs to perform daily activities ascribed to it, includes 600 calories divided by the balanced proportions of nutrients generating energy from carbohydrates, protein and fat, as well as nutrients Minor, of metal salts and vitamins and water.
Breakfast and play a vital role in controlling blood sugar levels, helping to bridge the shortfall in blood glucose levels in the morning, the fact that the brain itself has no reserves of glucose, to make up for the shortfall on an ongoing basis. This has a dramatic impact on activity, attention and concentration process, the various segments of society, whether a worker or an employee or student … etc.
On the other hand, the neglect breakfast affect in the long run, and that man can become malnourished. The disease is most prevalent, is anemia, which results from a lack of one of the three nutrients, folic acid and B12, iron, involved in the formation of red blood cells, and in particular anemia resulting from iron deficiency, which is hemoglobin blood. This deficiency leads to lower the amount of connecting oxygen to the brain, and thus lead to an imbalance in the process of understanding and focus, and hence low productivity at work.
You should know, dear reader, that breakfast is described as the first fuel switch, and delayed or canceled contribute to the emergence of obesity, which is the cause of the first global chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, heart disease, high triglycerides, cholesterol and other diseases.

It is known that lead to the cancellation of the feeling of hunger and appetite for lunch and eat a large amount of food, without care about the high amount of calories that our bodies will come suddenly.
And you should pay attention here to the breakfast meal a specific date should not be delayed because the body’s mechanism for burning down a date with a delay the meal, and be at the highest level from the time of sunrise and until nine in the morning. This is one of the wrong practices in our homes, because a large number of people take breakfast at noon or Ihzvunha, thinking that they underestimate the number of meals they eat during the day and thus decrease their weight. But what happens is just the opposite, because eating multiple meals, in small amounts, beginning with breakfast, achieves a high efficiency of the processes of digestion and absorption, and metabolism in general, and regulates the amount of sugar in the blood, and thus lead to lower weight and maintain an ideal weight.

And consistency with what said we have to highlight that the most important part of breakfast is the diversity, in the sense that contain a mixture magic of the major food groups, namely carbohydrates, proteins and fats from natural sources, such as bread, cheese, milk, vegetable oil, fresh vegetables and fruit. We must move away from the baked products manufacturers, such as Alqrchillh European and desserts of all kinds, types and biscuits. These foods are classified as globally-free food of nutrients, where hide inside the amounts of sugar, sodium and preservatives, in addition to the fat used to manufacture them are harmful trans fat by 30% to 45%, which leads to raise the level of triglycerides in the blood and bad cholesterol, and lowering good cholesterol. They also contain high amounts of white flour and sugar, so it is dealt with as an alternative for breakfast, leads to raise blood sugar rapidly, and reduced quickly and suddenly also, what makes a person feel hungry and accept to eat in large quantities, and thus enter the amount of spam Calories. (Give almost amounted to an additional 200-300 calories).

The people who suffer from loss of appetite and lack of desire to eat breakfast in the morning, we call on them to split breakfast into two parts:
Section I eat when you wake up, and the second after two to three hours. I handled the first section helps to focus and prepare the stomach to receive the second part, because the dining am provoke the sense of hunger in the stomach, and helps maintain an ideal weight, and lead to weight loss in people who are obese, on the other hand.
Morning breakfast is the most important dietary habits, which must get used to the man since childhood, and in the study phase, because they lead to the consolidation of these health habit at all stages of their lives. And this is the responsibility of the mother and father first and foremost, because the child is like Beslsal Lin can the mother posed and reinforce the correct dietary habits. Also, the psychological nature of the child to make it a lasting passion in the tradition of his parents in whatever they are doing, so you Mother dear to your family Tlzimai Select a fixed time to eat breakfast, and try to urge all members of your family to eat this meal

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