Do you avoid buying canned food when you go shopping, thinking that you can eat fresh foods for better health? Purchased or forced you to do you think that preserved foods pose a health risk? If you also have wasted fun eating canned food and access to its benefits, not all canned food injurious to health, on the contrary, there are some canned nutritional value of fresh food is higher than or equal to the value of, and the following is the full guide to canned food:

– Canned Food excellent sources for vegetables, fruits, legumes and some types of fish and most of these foods are manufactured in the factory immediately after picked from the farm to maintain high product quality are considered, in terms of color, taste and nutritional value and therefore it is possible that they contain nutrients more food in Since our refrigerator or vegetables in place of weeks ago.

– Through the manufacturing of canned food is exposed to high temperature is the killing of all living organisms and disrupt enzymes that work on food damage, so keep these foods reserved for a long time without damage until they are opened.

– Some canned foods contain on top of the fresh food nutrients example, lycopene in tomatoes material which is about antioxidant substance that prevents cell damage and protect against diseases found to be more in the quantity of canned tomatoes and tomato paste than fresh tomatoes,

There are some components found naturally in food negatively affect the extraction of nutrients in the body effect are heroes while exposing the food product to a high temperature which increases the canned product value nutritionally example, exposing the red beans to Aharah invalidate Himagelotinen effect that works on blood clotting, and working heat to break down anti-trypsin material for pulses in the process of making it easier to digest, but in the water-soluble vitamins such as B vitamins, vitamin C has been lost during the manufacture of canned foods because of the heat and the transfer of these vitamins to the liquid in the can.

– Always try to read the label on the box to read the ingredients and nutritional information of the product and the attention to the following:


– From the evils of canned food they contain a high amount of salt, which found that his close association of heart disease you are suffering from high blood pressure, watch out if salt or sodium is among the ingredients and make sure to get rid of the water in the can and rinse food material with water to get rid from the remains of salts This process reduces 40% of the amount of salt, and if you were not suffer from the problems of high blood pressure Bbamk.c water retention and use in cooking it contains a high amount of nutrients as well.


– If you suffer from diabetes, avoid canned foods that contain sugar, for example, when you eat canned fruit Be sure to choose fruits Baserha saved and not saved on the sugar they contain less sugar and eat only the amount of cut fruit,


– Some types of canned food such as meat contain a substance which is carcinogenic nitrates so we must avoid this canned meat as well as they contain a high amount of saturated fats and salts.


– It is very important to note what created by recent studies that there is a hazardous substance on health leached from the lining of the enclosure to the food located inside the article accused called bisphenol A (bisphenol A.BPA) and by the number of researchers to conduct experiments to study their effects on some experimental animals , these experiments have shown that this material affect on brain development and reproductive system and many other organs in the fetus or hampered.

– Article «bisphenol A» in particular intervention in bottled water industry, bottles (bottles) Children’s plastic, and cover food and beverage cans and dental fillings, as interference in medical instruments, sports equipment, CDs, and the problem of this article it does not snap into place, The move linings of cans to food or refreshments on the contrary that there are other studies denies responsibility article «bisphenol A» for harm to human beings. In a study conducted in the United States and recently published the results proved that the human body can revoke «bisphenol A» or secreted faster effect, so the Food and Drug Administration, which announced that, based on all available evidence that they do not see any reason for the arrest of bisphenol uses a with respect to food safe because it has yet to prove conclusively that this article possible to have a harm to health, the problem does not end if we avoided canned food. If they replaced them with other Btazjh under interrogation because they contain hormones and drugs and pesticides.


Canned food and help us ease our pursuit of the pattern of healthy diet for easy preparation Fzationa ready-to-eat or pre-cooked and does not need to prepare and easy to carry and move them from one place to another and the lack of price compared to fresh food, and positives canned foods that they give us the opportunity to get food in the off-season and with the same nutritional value

And give us the opportunity to get non-food always available fresh form such as some types of fish Kaltonh and sardines, and some types of vegetables and fruits.

If you are interested in calories Here are some calories for some canned food:

A can of tuna in water: 191 calories, tray tuna with oil: 339 calories, half a cup of canned legumes such as chickpeas and beans Love contains 115 calories, a cup of canned corn 160 calories, half a cup of canned fruit, apricots, peaches, canned pineapple 60 calories, half a cup peas Canned 80 calories, cup canned Alkhaddaralamhklh 80 calories, a cup of canned tomato 40 calories, half a cup of tomato Lord 103 calories, 92 g sardine pack 191 calories, slice meat for Incheon 70 calories, a cup of canned mushroom 39 kcal.

When canned food selection should make sure Closing Date and be the can is exposed to blows or breakage and must make sure that the top of the box is moving towards the bottom and in the case of a tray Inflatable must be disposed of immediately, and must save the canned goods in a cool, dry place and must save the materials found in the refrigerator after open,

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