Sagging skin after weight loss after birth is a problem faced by almost everyone and give a sense of frustration and distress. Fortunately, there are many ways to tighten sagging skin after getting rid of excess weight or pregnancy, here are some effective tips to do so.
1-include weight loss
Rapid weight loss may be harmful for you and your health and makes strongly flabby skin, so you lose weight gradually until after birth, and by following a healthy diet to be healthy for your body weight loss at the same time makes the skin taut form.

2-Firming Cream Alterhlat
Use Firming Cream contouring of the best ways to flatten the skin after birth and after weight loss. Always look for creams that contain natural active ingredients such as aloe vera oil and vitamins A and E, these components increase the production of collagen and elastin and are responsible for skin tightening naturally.

3-reduce the period of exposure to the sun
Skin exposure to industrial and tanning and water that contains a lot of chlorine to the sun are all factors that lead to sagging skin, so, you should stay away from all these factors after weight loss and you will find your skin has returned to normal in less time.

4-treatment collagen
Way more likely to tighten the skin and restore freshness to it are the treatment of collagen cream has its price seems a bit high but it is worth all what drives it.

5-weights exercises
Exercise weights lead to flatten the skin because it strengthens the muscles beneath the skin and give the body a form consistent beautiful.

6. Drink plenty of water
Skin flabby skin is moist and the greater the hydration of the skin increased freshness and still contouring, you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day to the skin supple and shiny.

7-eat proteins
Proteins beneficial to health as they contain collagen, which tightens the skin, proteins as well as strengthen the muscles beneath the skin, giving the skin taut form and gives the body shape harmonious.

8. Eat more fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals needed to re-build the skin tight and freshness Atralat experts advise eating five snacks of fruits and vegetables a day.

9-castor oil
Castor oil is considered one of the best natural means to flatten Lift the skin, Mix castor oil with a little lemon juice and massage your body mix a day, Observe the difference.

10-Grips tightening skin
You can use masks tighten the skin to flatten the rest of the parts of the body will give you a remarkable result in a short time.

11-almond oil
Almond oil is considered the best moisturizer for the skin in addition to stretching and softening. Use a tablespoon of sweet almond oil to massage the flabby areas daily fantastic result.

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