Dash diet is a modern diet types which were originally designed to control high blood pressure, the DASH diet based on eating large amounts of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products or non-fat. With the reduction of meat, especially red and replace them with fish and eat nuts and legumes. Also based on the replacement of animal fat. Physical activity and exercise regularly, lose weight, and stay away from anxiety and tension.

Decisions of the DASH diet

4-5 servings of vegetables

4-5 servings of fruits

2-3 servings low-fat milk

7-8 servings from the grain group

Two servings or less of meat, chicken, fish

5 servings of legumes or less per week

2-3 servings of fats and oils per day.

These courses designer who deals with 2000 calories.

Dietary guidelines:

-tkulail Intake of salt (sodium chloride) of less than 2.4 grams per day knowing that every 10 grams salt contains 4 grams sodium (that is 40% sodium)

-tnol Salt substitutes such as potassium chloride

Increased intake of fruits and vegetables rich in potassium

Increased eating foods rich in calcium

-low The intake of fat, especially animal fat (saturated fat) because the fat intake cause an increased risk of heart disease, and that these fats play a big role in raising the energy consumed which in turn will lead to an increase in body weight and obesity, which raises blood pressure.

-low Calories for obese who suffer from blood pressure

-replace For foods rich in sodium or salt such as salted pickles, cheese, canned foods rich in sodium

-use Lemon or spices instead of salt to make food palatable

Food -describes the amount of sodium the product so it is important for patients with pressure reading food labels

-low Intake of stimulants such as coffee and tea

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