Can not determine what the ideal weight in a simple way, there are factors that interfere with the ideal weight. Here we will learn on the way and how to calculate the ideal weight for men and women with numerous roads.

It helps ideal weight and health to access to good healthy level protects against diseases and health problems. If you suffer from obesity, it will be a reason to increase the risk of certain serious diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and respiratory problems and some cancers. Therefore, to maintain the ideal weight or health is very necessary to increase the health status of the human being.

The method of calculating the ideal weight

Over the past decades, it was used “body mass index” or “BMI” ideal weight and was considered a good way to calculate the ideal body weight for health. But scientists recently showed that body mass index may not be enough to determine the level of ideal body weight. And it may help research groups more than the expense of the ideal weight for individuals.

In an article a site Medical News Experts Today explained that the ideal body weight can not be calculated simply, where a healthy weight or ideal weight depends on several factors such as age, sex, body type and bone density and rate of muscle to fat and the level of public health and finally length.

The method of calculating the traditional ideal weight

The expense of the traditional method of ideal weight based on the body mass index and waist circumference. The body mass index is calculated by dividing body weight by height box. If we assume that a person weighing 80 kg and a length of 1.8, the BMI = 80 / 3.6 = 22.2 index

* 3.6 square length is 1.8 × 2 = 3.6

How to know the ideal weight using the Body Mass Index
– If you have less than 18.5 index, it means that you are suffering from the same weight, you should consult your doctor to consult on whether and under-weight will cause health problems for you or not.
– If the cursor is between 18.5 and 24.9, you are within the ideal weight, but you must exercise regularly to maintain your health.
– If your cursor between 25 and 29.9, you are overweight, this does not mean that you are suffering from health problems, depending on the exercise and waist size and health symptoms rate.
– Tomorrow cursor was higher than 30, you are suffering from obesity and need to lose weight by changing eating habits and consult your doctor for a health program to eat.

It is necessary to caution that the good of the body mass index, a measure may not be the one to calculate the ideal weight, it may be very thin and you have bad eating habits do not play sports, and therefore this will affect heavily on health.
Defects account the ideal weight using the body mass index:
– Indifference by fat in the bodies of obese or overweight

The ideal waist size

Indicate the amount of fat stored in the waist to ideal body weight. People who have a body shape who store fat around their stomachs, they are the most vulnerable to the problems of sick more than people who have a pear-shaped body and those who have stored fat in the lower region. These include the problems, diseases such as diabetes, heart and hypertension. And the waist measurement by placing a measure on top of the femur directly with no strain gauge above the abdomen.

For most people, the ideal healthy waist is:
– Less than 102 cm in men
– Less than 88 cm in women

Calculate the amount of body fat
Fat in the body is divided into essential fats and fat is stored, it is the basic fats that the body needs to stay alive, there is a higher proportion of females than males. The stored fat, they are fat accumulated in the fatty tissue which also has the functions of the member protection. According to the American Council for physical training, the measurement of body fat percentage as follows:
1. essential fats: 2-4% of men, women 10-12%
2. total fat
– Athletes men 6-13%, 14-20% of women Mathematics
– Healthy men 14-17%, 21-24% of healthy women
– Ordinary men 18-25%, 32-41% of women
– Obese men 26-37% weight, overweight women 32-41%
– Obese men +38%, obese women +42%
Nutrition and health care experts say that the method of calculating the ideal weight by percentage of body fat is the best way in his account.

The ideal weight for women
– A body mass index of between 05/18 to 09/24
– Waist circumference less than 88 cm
– The total fat content 14-41%
The ideal weight for a man
– A body mass index of between 05/18 to 09/24
– Waist circumference less than 102 cm
– The total fat content 6-25%

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