Showed researchers in a new study that although most of the weight loss schemes depends on the balance between calorie intake and energy expenditure, but they found a new factor necessary to get rid of weight and is timing. Where it is not only what you eat, but also the time that it address the food affects the process of losing weight.
The researchers said this is the first study that focuses on eating foods that time affect the effectiveness of weight loss. The results indicate that those who ate the food in advance of late have slower rate of weight loss and actually lose less weight compared to people who eat their food early. Suggesting that the time for big meals may be an important factor in weight loss programs.
The researchers studied 420 people with overweight and who followed the program for weight loss for a period of 20 weeks to evaluate the role of eating in the effectiveness of weight loss time.
The participants were divided into two groups: one dealing with food and other early eat late advance was chosen lunch Kalojbh President, and during this meal is consumed 40% of daily calories. The group dealing with food early to eat the meal at any time before three o’clock in the afternoon, while the other group took lunch after three o’clock in the afternoon. They found that diners late, lost less weight and clearly diners from as early as the rate of weight loss have been slower in addition to that they have insulin sensitivity was low, a risk factor for diabetes.
The researchers found that the timing of other small meals did not play an important role in weight loss, but the late-food eaters who were usually consume fewer calories at breakfast and they were more likely to cancel breakfast.
As the researchers measured the traditional factors of weight loss as consumption of calories, movement and appetite hormones and duration of sleep, the researchers did not find any differences in these factors between the two groups. Suggesting that the timing of meals is an important and independent factor in the success of the weight loss process.

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