The excess weight loss easy and effective way to relieve the symptoms of esophageal reflux, or what is also called gastro-oesophageal Bakuls.

It is noteworthy that, of looking for a natural way to get rid of persistent heartburn for the stomach of patients with reflux esophageal search for them in the mass of their bodies coefficient (Body Mass Index (BMI, a test determines whether the person plus weight or not, it is worth noting that the symptoms of the disease, which is the most common heartburn, it is getting worse with the increase in waist circumference.

It is known as esophageal reflux disease state caused by the repeated re-flow of stomach contents into the esophagus. In addition to heartburn, the symptoms of this disease include irritation of the throat and difficulty swallowing and frequent waking at night.

Has commented on this doctor Rooney Fez, who is president of the esophagus and swallowing center in Matrohalt Medical Center in Ohio and a member of the International Foundation of functional disorders of the stomach and intestines, indicating that the probability of infection with the excess of this disease weights up to about twice as much as is the case with others with weights natural. Moreover, the increase in body mass index increases the likelihood of infection with serious complications of the disease, including the erosion of the esophagus and Tadhagah and Nzvh, in addition to the possibility of infection could become, over time, to cancer of the esophagus. This results from repeating the whole flow of stomach contents, which include gastric acids, into the esophagus.

Nancy J. Norton has stated, the founder and president of the International Foundation of functional disorders of the stomach and intestines, that even the loss of a small amount of weight improves the symptoms of the disease.

To help you lose weight, and that leads to improvement in the symptoms of the disease, it is recommended by following these simple tips:

– Prepare food program, which intends to use it to help advance to be bound by it.
– Committed to eating fruits and vegetables so you do not feel hungry and resort to unhealthy food choices.
– Be careful not to be your share of extra food for your need, so that the extra calories often come as a result of eating food redundant and not the result of eating foods cause obesity.
– Avoid the calories that come from beverages. For example, replace the juices sweetened soft drinks a glass of water.

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