Many would like to lose weight and in the self time find it difficult to follow the harsh diet may deprive him than the likes of foods and drinks, there is nothing wrong by following a simple clever ways may help us to lose some weight or not gain more weight.

One of these ways:
1. Create According technically vegetables:
For as long as the vegetables essential and effective element for weight loss because it contains a large amount of fiber, which gives a feeling of satiety for long periods as well as being free of calories.
But in a study conducted at the University of Oxford (University of Oxford) which was presented dishes of salad vegetables in the same quantity and ingredients and spices either in the traditional manner known or manner the status of each type of vegetable in a row or in some other way similar to a painting and the result was that the people were ready to buy and eat dish prepared in an artistic way ahead of 20% for other dishes.
2. Eat lunch before going shopping:
A study conducted at Cornell University (Cornell University) to skip the daily meals and go shopping to one of the leading causes of sabotage health shopping. Since the group started fasting in the study and went to the shopping it has purchased full calorie chips, including chips and ice cream foods. Ear:
– Do not go shopping and you’re hungry, and since we are in the arms of the holy month of Ramadan do not go shopping nearby, hours before iftar preferred to postpone operations to shopping after breakfast.
– In normal days, I prefer to go after lunch and that is not possible, or I had to go in another time try eating a snack before you start shopping or eating a range of saturated useful nuts during shopping and you will notice the difference in your test for snacks and shopping more vegetables instead of fatty foods Many of the Food Giraldharorah.
3. Spend time in the sun in the morning:
The sun’s rays may greatly affect your weight.
The researchers found from Northwestern University (Northwestern University) in the study is the first of its kind, that people who are exposed to moderate sunlight in the morning was bright BMIs much less than those who are not exposed to the sun never.
– This is due to how the sun light on circadian rhythms in our body, that regulate metabolism and regulate weight.
This exposure to 20-30 minutes of bright between the hours of 8:00 the sun’s rays, the researchers advised and back to a time even if it is sitting in a sunny spot in the sun’s rays in your house.
4. Avoid distractions during lunch time:
A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that the people who played computer games during lunch did not feel satiety, and ate more food, and they had more problems remembering what those who had it from those who ate lunches without any dispersant factors.
Therefore if you bring your lunch to work (is an excellent and healthy) does not eat lunch idea and you’re sitting on the office and is to inspect your e-mail or complete your work or surf the Internet, but take time away from the atmosphere of work to focus on lunch and eating the right amount for you.

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