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Diet is moving targets in kidney failure to lose the burden on the career damaged kidneys, and at the same time maintaining ideal body weight, with sufficient energy necessary to carry out usual daily activities to provide, in accordance with the conditions and analysis of each patient. But often it is decrease potassium, phosphorus, sodium and cholesterol amounts, it is likely, as well as the loss of fluid.

It is important that the patient gets kidney failure a sufficient amount of calories, to maintain an ideal weight, and prevent the loss of muscle mass. It must dietician in mind that excess weight for kidney patients may be due to fluid retention in the body. On the other hand, drink enough water a day, equivalent to two liters, it is one of the ways to prevent kidney stones.
Below is information on some influential elements in the diet for kidney patients:

Can a few diet of protein are necessary in cases of chronic renal failure, in order to reduce the functional burden on the kidneys, so you must give your body what it needs from the protein without any increase or decrease, because eating small amounts of protein in the food leads to loss of muscle mass and decrease the immune proper task for the body.
And foods rich in protein, milk, yogurt, curd, cheese, eggs, meat, fish, chicken, nuts, dry beans.

Potassium is a metal have influence in the activity of the cardiac muscle and the nervous system, designed diet to maintain a normal level of potassium in the blood. In kidney failure kidney disease can not get rid of potassium well, so patients suffering kidney failure from high blood potassium ratio. Accordingly, the patient is committed to low potassium diet.
It is rich in potassium foods, some kinds of fruits, such as avocados, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, dates, apricots, canned guava, kiwi, mango, peaches, plums, tangerines, figs, raisins, plums, pomegranates, melons and fruits, as well as fresh and canned juices juice tomatoes and oranges.
Potassium, found in various types of vegetables, such as tomatoes, potatoes, either fried or boiled or roasted or potato chips, as well as parsley, spinach, carrots, corn, okra, mushrooms, beets, beans Kalahmass, beans, lentils, peas, white and falafel and tahini, sesame, along with nuts and coconut.
It must be noted that constipation may lead to the retention of some of the body potassium, note that the cook vegetables and soaked for an hour or two hours in the water after peeled and cut into small pieces, lead to the disposal of a large proportion of potassium.

In the event of a failure or renal insufficiency, kidney will not be able to get rid of the material phosphorus well, and can be high from this article to levels that harm the body, including calcium withdrawal from bones what makes bones weak, and can also result in high levels of the subjects of phosphorus and calcium to dangerous deposits of calcium in the blood vessels, lungs, eyes and heart.
And it can be maintained at the level of phosphorus, within normal levels, following a few phosphorus diet. And also the patient must take medication prescribed by a doctor regularly.
It is rich in phosphorus sources: milk and dairy products, meat, chicken, fish, sardines, eggs, and legumes, Kalahmass, beans, lentils and beans, as well as grain products, and tahini, caramel, nuts and chocolate and cola.

When deteriorating kidney function less than the amount of urine, which requires fluid intake to lose, and this is very important because increasing fluid intake can lead to Ahtbasha body, and that may lead to shortness of breath and swelling of the body, especially in terms of feet and ankle over blood pressure.

The kidney patients must reduce salt intake in food, because salt increases the fluid retention in the body and increases blood pressure. Sodium present in food, canned meat or salt or salted fish or smoked cheeses, chips and fried potatoes, canned vegetables, such as olives and pickles, as well as nuts and tomato juice or ketchup, sodium carbonate or Allbeckn powder.
Appropriate food choices for kidney patients
Milk: it must comply with quotas allowed per day: a cup of milk contains 170 mg of sodium and 60 mg of potassium. There is nothing wrong if whole milk or low-fat. And prefer to avoid milk and buttermilk white cheese, and yogurt.
Meat should bear in mind that 28 grams of meat containing 30 mg of sodium and 100 mg of potassium. It is therefore recommended kidney patients eating beef (once a month) and cheese (low-salt), chicken, and eggs (to no more than three whistles in the week), fish. And prefer to avoid: hard cheeses, corned beef or salted, white cheese, fried sausages, mortadella, canned meat, canned poultry meat, sausage.
Bread and starchy materials: should one serving of these materials contain 5-125melgrama of sodium. And it is recommended to eat: cakes, brown bread and white, unsalted chips, light desserts, Alqrchillh, muffins, oatmeal, unsalted popcorn, bread with oil.
And prefer to avoid: Alhbs salted, salted bread, cakes salted, Popcorn salted.
Vegetables: You must attend without salt, and wash thoroughly with water and filtered before eating, and recommended to take the following types: asparagus, cabbage, carrots, celery, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, endive, vegetables, frozen problem, green beans, lettuce, onions, radishes, squash, turnips.
And prefer to avoid: cauliflower, broccoli, green peas, beans, mushrooms, pumpkin, spinach.
The following vegetables should not be taken as containing very high amounts of sodium and potassium: potatoes, tomatoes, dried beans, dried peas, lentils, pickles, artichokes, avocados.
Fruit should eat a half cup or a small piece of one. Note that canned fruits contain a minimum amount of potassium in comparison with fresh fruit. And advised to take the following types: apple juice, apricot juice, blackberries, cherries, sauce or cranberry juice, grapefruit, grapes, lemons, juice peaches, pears, pineapple, strawberry, Yusuf Effendi, watermelon.
And prefer to avoid: Apricot (canned and fresh), bananas, dates, fruit cocktail, oranges, peaches, dried plum, jam, juice, raisins.
And must refrain from eating: melons, dried fruit, because they contain very high amounts of potassium.
Desserts: try eating sweets manufacturer of materials allowed to address them, whether they are ready, or manufactured in the home, but in moderation. And prefer to avoid sweets containing nuts or raisins or Confectioneries.
Beverage: It is recommended to drink coffee (Venjanan per day) and taking it allowed juices and carbonated water fruit. And prefer to avoid added milk drinks, coffee concentrates, soft drinks (colas).
Misc: try eating: garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, spices pure, pure herbs. And prefer to avoid: tomato sauce, molasses, mustard, olives, pickles, sauces, salted nuts, soy sauce, steak sauce.
Choices Free: advised to take the following specialties, in limited quantities, to increase the calories, unless the person is under a diet to lose weight, or diabetic: butter, caramel, Asiraldhirh, cheese cream, candy and cruel, honey, jam, clear, vegetable butter, Alnogh , oil, soda, sugar.
Finally, should the patient’s kidney failure review dietician constantly, so as to follow-up and weight, and the level of his appetite, and also change the diet depending on the tests required by the doctor, where a specialist needs to review the analysis and follow-up the patient’s condition and its symptoms, to be modified diet in the proper format.
Note: The number of drugs contain sodium, so it’s best to consult a doctor before taking any kind of drugs, except those prescribed by a doctor.

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