Did you try diet to reduce weight and failed? You are not the only one. There are a lot of people fail to access health weight. Cause of the failure may be in the diet program or in the application of the program. Simple mistakes can derail major efforts to reduce weight. So weight loss program must be designed according to scientific bases, in line with privacy and the circumstances of each person. There are several reasons, including diet program fail:

1. extreme diet

A lot of people think that when carrying out a harsh diet will achieve fast weight reduction. When you eat fewer calories for a period of time. The body’s ability to metabolize will change to burn fewer calories. When you stop the diet and go back to eating more calories. Body remains burn calories Aql.oyazdad weight again.

2. Lack of exercise

The balance between calories consumed and calories Almtnolh.asaad to achieve the target weight. The key to success for weight loss is physical activity. Physical activity plays a large role in the burning of excess calories and prevent stored as fat. Physical activity also boosts the metabolism by decreasing insulin levels.

3. Not eating breakfast

Breakfast was instrumental in reducing weight. Research and studies show that people who eat breakfast are more able to maintain a healthy weight. Eating a protein-rich breakfast, fiber and contain an appropriate amount of calories improve metabolism by activating the secretion required for fat metabolism enzymes and prevent stored. As well as eat breakfast prevent the feeling of hunger and the need for a larger amount of food at the end of the day.

4. not to drink too much water

The dehydration of the body of the reasons for the failure of weight reduction program. Water is an essential nutrient for the body and which plays an active role in fat burning because the water is part of the chemical reactions to burn fat. Water also transports waste from outside the body break down fat, in the case of drought this waste accumulate in the body, causing liver problems which affects the liver function, including the burning of fat.

Water helps the body muscles and organs to work and efficiency .mma best reflected in the increased rate of metabolism thus burning more calories. Research indicates that adults who drink eight or more cups of water a day to burn more than those who drank the amount of water less calories.

5. setting unrealistic goals

Planning the key to success. To place a large number of weight loss is greater than your ability to achieve is one of the reasons for the failure of the diet program. It should determine a realistic goal commensurate with the possibilities available to reach the desired goal. In order to achieve long-term success, you have to reduce the weight of the gradient through a timetable.


6. measurement of body weight per day

The measurement of body weight per day is a recipe for frustration, because it leads to injury eating disorder. As well as lead to frustration because of fluctuations in weight. Many experts recommend the measurement of body weight per week.

7. Avoid dairy products

A lot of diet programs do not contain dairy products .lonh believed to increase the weight. Recent research suggests that the body burns more fat when it gets enough calcium and dairy products rich in it. Nutrition experts recommend a diet to include weight reduction and low-fat milk and milk products.

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