Diet for pregnant women: During pregnancy, the body needs for all with a high nutritional value elements which give the body strength and vitality of the subsidy on the difficulty of pregnancy and to provide the fetus elements it needs to consist of his body, come the women’s desire to lose weight because of the difficulty they may face during pregnancy times, and therefore has to be regularity of integrated nutritional values ​​diet program so as not to deprive the body of vitamins and proteins that are needed to supply the fetus.

There is no doubt that the increase in women’s weight pregnant inevitable in normal circumstances is not considered to increase fat, and in order to increase in normal weight rate is during pregnancy, the increase ranging between 8-11 kg, including the weight of the child, so the other increase you like! would be the fat accumulated , so you need to diet system integrated and so useful during the months of pregnancy.

Program for pregnant women healthy diet to lose weight quickly:
Since it is impossible to diet program for pregnant women put for 9 months, but there are diet program for pregnant women and which relies on the key elements in the meals, where they will be put diet for 3 days to be repeated and switch with the days, and can be simple in the elements switch similar image mechanism her to move away from boredom, and to alert the diet of pregnant women can not work by the length of a full pregnancy must counseling from the private and supervisor doctor for your condition for the existence of differences among all pregnant women the fact that dieting works for them or not, in general, the diet program for pregnant women does not come out for the following basic elements:

First of diet program for pregnant women today:

Breakfast: Half a loaf of pita +5 tablespoons of the cheese + a glass of orange juice.
Lunch: 2 slice of grilled meat + dish of salad vegetables
Dinner: Box yogurt slice of toast.
The second day of the diet program for pregnant women:

Breakfast: 2 slices toast +5 tablespoons of beans + a glass of skim milk.
Lunch: Grilled fish 2 + dish of salad vegetables +5 tablespoons of rice.
Dinner: a loaf of my bread + and one boiled egg + a glass of orange juice.
The third day of the diet program for pregnant women:

Breakfast: Half a loaf of my bread + and one boiled egg + cup of apple juice.
Lunch: half a chicken without skin + vegetable dish of beans + a dish of vegetable salad
Dinner: half a loaf of pita +5 tablespoons of cottage cheese + a cup of skim milk.
These three meals can be added two meals snacks to them every day, where you can add a snack after breakfast includes fruit fruit, plus additional meal after lunch is the 3 beads of dates and beads of nuts, and before going to sleep is possible to eat the fruit from the fruit.

You can thus tips that will benefit pregnant women during their pregnancy status:

First, every woman should consult your doctor before starting out in the accursed process.
No problem to add the necessary food with iron value of the child in the first place.
Necessary for pregnant women to take up many of the amount of water not less than one and a half liters a day.
Fruit does not affect the diet program because the fruit does not have the calories.

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