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My problem abdomen, buttocks and lazy sport, what do I do?

Do not worry about the problem of the abdomen and buttocks because it can be solved through proper diet where of accumulated fat you have in these areas. Continue reading “My problem abdomen, buttocks and lazy sport, what do I do?” »

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Skinny from the upper part and I have trouble buttocks!

The solution to the descent through the buttocks is a loss of fat accumulated in this region and there is no special recipe for slimming specific areas of the body! But the truth is that when you lose weight, of the region accumulated fat which, whatever this region: the abdomen, hips, arms, etc. … because the fat to accumulate this is hereditary through our genes, which is why we can not change where more than or decreased weight, but we can certainly losing health in the same style wherever presence. So by following a healthy diet will of the buttocks condition that this be the last few calories informed by the needs of your body.

meals rich in fat, sugar and healthy meals can be prepared from recipes Dieting I add myself on the “appetite”, I I oversee them and you should try to be diverse, delicious and low-calorie course.  and that drinking water, including at least 2 liters per day, and to carry out sports activities such as walking or any other physical activity to burn fat, 5-3 times a week, for 45 minutes at least.

Doctrinaire these tips and soon you will see satisfactory results! Good luck

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