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White rice and diabetes


Study at Harvard University reported that individuals who consume white rice at the rate of 4-5 times a week increases their risk of developing diabetes type II and for the following reasons:

– White rice High-starch and free of fiber and vitamins thus causing a sharp increase in blood sugar after eating directly.

– White rice with Glisema index low, after a short period of eating feel hungry, causing over-eating and weight gain. Overweight is a leading cause of diabetes type II.

Alternative health White rice is brown rice, quinoa and oats.

Types of brown rice: long grain, short and brown basmati. In my personal opinion the taste of brown basmati rice than white basmati much. Try brown rice with some spices, additives such as lentils. Also possible to add to it or attended vegetables problem with stews to become an integral delicious and healthy meal.

Preparation time: 35-40 minutes basmati rice, long grain rice / short 45-50 minutes. Each glass of brown rice needs to be 2 and 1/4 cup of water.

It is true that our people were and Aazaloa consume white rice, but today amounts of white rice, which consumes a large our plates to the extent that they overwhelm the consumption of many other important nutrients found in vegetables, grains, fish and the rest of the foods. Often the main applied consists mostly of rice and remaining chicken or meat prepared much of the fat and oils even carcinogenic salts such as ready-made broth cubes. Compounding the problems of weight gain and diabetes.

The aim of this article is not a rejection of white rice, but the alert to the importance of the introduction of brown rice to the kitchen to the many benefits and high nutritional value. Replace white rice Balosamar a few times a week.

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