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How to avoid obesity in the winter?



Human habits differ, often, in the winter than in other seasons, especially in summer and spring. In the winter, usually, what one needs to be his home, where fear of his movement, and spends a long time in front of TV, or in front of a computer and offers to eat the delicious foods without packaged the consequences of this behavior on his health, and adversely affects the body, from the point of obesity. Continue reading “How to avoid obesity in the winter?” »

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Dieting or exercise with your friends!



In a study published in the Journal of the American flag clinical psychology in 2005 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology by the Faculty of Medicine at Brown University scientists establish a test on 4,000 volunteers. Continue reading “Dieting or exercise with your friends!” »

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Stay away from violent or long burn fat exercises.



Many overweight who want to get fast results are committing a big mistake to exercise long hours of cardio and aerobic exercises. Continue reading “Stay away from violent or long burn fat exercises.” »

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6 reasons for not losing weight despite the sport!

Said trained specialists in the field of sport, that most people are focusing on some exercises without the other as they choose the wrong exercises in addition to that excessive exercise leads to a sudden feeling tired due to an error in understanding the nature of the appropriate exercise of their body with the followers of some dietary habits wrong. Continue reading “6 reasons for not losing weight despite the sport!” »

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Skinny from the upper part and I have trouble buttocks!

The solution to the descent through the buttocks is a loss of fat accumulated in this region and there is no special recipe for slimming specific areas of the body! But the truth is that when you lose weight, of the region accumulated fat which, whatever this region: the abdomen, hips, arms, etc. … because the fat to accumulate this is hereditary through our genes, which is why we can not change where more than or decreased weight, but we can certainly losing health in the same style wherever presence. So by following a healthy diet will of the buttocks condition that this be the last few calories informed by the needs of your body.

meals rich in fat, sugar and healthy meals can be prepared from recipes Dieting I add myself on the “appetite”, I I oversee them and you should try to be diverse, delicious and low-calorie course.  and that drinking water, including at least 2 liters per day, and to carry out sports activities such as walking or any other physical activity to burn fat, 5-3 times a week, for 45 minutes at least.

Doctrinaire these tips and soon you will see satisfactory results! Good luck

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Burn fat by these five foods


One of the most important ways to lose weight is to urge the body to increase metabolism or energy production. This process allows to burn fat to produce energy used by the body’s basic functions. Some foods help to increase the burn rate and studies have shown its ability to reduce the production of fat cells .burn fat, you these five foods:
1. pomegranate fruit: This fruit is a favorite of many nutrition experts because they contain a high content of antioxidants, particularly. This material increases the body’s ability to burn fat and limit the growth of fat cells. They also lower blood pressure and protect the heart and arteries from oxidized material which is cause for heart problems and high blood pressure. More about the pomegranate and its benefits in the benefits of pomegranate.
2. Nuts: Nuts show therapeutic food in many disease states. But here we will add another feature of the raw nuts which burn fat. Nuts intention oils rich in monounsaturated. In addition to the fact that these healthy oils for the body is also increase the sense of satiety and reduce the number of calories consumed per day.
3. Green Tea: We hear a lot about the benefits of green tea on weight and health in general. Green tea reduces the size of fat cells and helps to keep the muscles in good condition. But green tea is not a miracle that he would not give any of these if the individual food is full of fat and carbohydrates unhealthy. But through a healthy diet take into account the advice of a health site which helps in weight loss, especially waist size.
4. Fish oil: Studies show that eating fish twice a week helps to lose weight. Fish oil activates the protein in the body responsible for the process of burning fat and convert it into energy. Examples of these fish in the omega-3: its benefits and its source
5. Water: moisturizing body or drinking appropriate amount of water increases the burning process at a rate of 3%. Contrary to popular belief, if the body stores water for some reason he drank water helps clean the body and get rid of the stored water.

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