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Healthy diet for pregnant women to lose weight during pregnancy


Diet for pregnant women: During pregnancy, the body needs for all with a high nutritional value elements which give the body strength and vitality of the subsidy on the difficulty of pregnancy and to provide the fetus elements it needs to consist of his body, Continue reading “Healthy diet for pregnant women to lose weight during pregnancy” »

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How to reduce #cholesterol in the blood?


Both suffer from the problem of increased cholesterol in the blood, offer you educate yourself on the site how to reduce cholesterol in the blood, where to change something important such as cholesterol may seem insurmountable task, but we will help you with some tips to help you reduce cholesterol: Continue reading “How to reduce #cholesterol in the blood?” »

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Food and food diet for kidney patients

Energy drinks

Diet is moving targets in kidney failure to lose the burden on the career damaged kidneys, and at the same time maintaining ideal body weight, with sufficient energy necessary to carry out usual daily activities to provide, in accordance with the conditions and analysis of each patient. But often it is decrease potassium, phosphorus, sodium and cholesterol amounts, it is likely, as well as the loss of fluid. Continue reading “Food and food diet for kidney patients” »

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The treatment of psoriasis through diet


Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes immune appearance spots characterized by pain or itching, where the skin becomes infected by thick and has a red color and surrounded by silver-colored peel. Often these spots appear on the elbows, knees, scalp, face, back, palms of your hands, but it may appear in other areas of the body. Continue reading “The treatment of psoriasis through diet” »

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Eating and its role in weight loss time


Showed researchers in a new study that although most of the weight loss schemes depends on the balance between calorie intake and energy expenditure, Continue reading “Eating and its role in weight loss time” »

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Late night meals affect memory


The pace of modern life has made people eat at odd times of the day and night, Continue reading “Late night meals affect memory” »

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What is the ideal weight – and the method calculate ideal weight


Can not determine what the ideal weight in a simple way, there are factors that interfere with the ideal weight. Here we will learn on the way and how to calculate the ideal weight for men and women with numerous roads. Continue reading “What is the ideal weight – and the method calculate ideal weight” »

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#DASH diet for victims of high blood pressure


Comes the name of diet Dash DASH Diet as a shortcut for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, and you know this diet as a balanced diet was created with the help of the National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood, Continue reading “#DASH diet for victims of high blood pressure” »

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Less sodium and more potassium


Battle in the defense of health, there is the enemy of sodium (salt), and an effective weapon is the opposite of potassium that enemy. Continue reading “Less sodium and more potassium” »

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The complete guide to canned foods


Do you avoid buying canned food when you go shopping, thinking that you can eat fresh foods for better health? Purchased or forced you to do you think that preserved foods pose a health risk? If you also have wasted fun eating canned food and access to its benefits, not all canned food injurious to health Continue reading “The complete guide to canned foods” »

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