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Why this “healthy” lunch is a fat loss DISASTER



For today, we’re going to help debunk some more nutrition misconceptions by analyzing a meal, truly thought was a great choice for someone trying to managing their weight. Continue reading “Why this “healthy” lunch is a fat loss DISASTER” »

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10 nutritious foods and help get rid of fat at the same time.

Sea Bream fish with vegetables

When you follow a special diet helps you lose weight must include the foods help burn fat. And because it works to increase the rate of metabolism and hormones that burn fat and get rid of toxins in the body that could stand hindrance when weight loss. So you should take notice of these foods miracles happen for you and should be consumed from within the diet you have.

Continue reading “10 nutritious foods and help get rid of fat at the same time.” »

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A morning drink to lose weight and burn fat at the beginning of the day.



A lot of people are looking for drinks to burn fat if you want to promote weight loss, improve your skin, cleanse your body and rid it of toxins, invigorating the function of the digestive system Continue reading “A morning drink to lose weight and burn fat at the beginning of the day.” »

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Dieting or exercise with your friends!



In a study published in the Journal of the American flag clinical psychology in 2005 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology by the Faculty of Medicine at Brown University scientists establish a test on 4,000 volunteers. Continue reading “Dieting or exercise with your friends!” »

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Stay away from violent or long burn fat exercises.



Many overweight who want to get fast results are committing a big mistake to exercise long hours of cardio and aerobic exercises. Continue reading “Stay away from violent or long burn fat exercises.” »

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Dieting contains all your favorite foods

Sea Bream fish with vegetables


Let me ask you a few questions and I want you to answer honestly:

When you are a student, do you¬†feel hungry¬†during exams? Um I felt compelled to break the accursed during the exam period so that they can focus? Continue reading “Dieting contains all your favorite foods” »

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The best ways to minimize the size of the stomach naturally.



One of the best example of this way is to reduce the desires of your stomach and appetite and simply get used to the lower amounts. Continue reading “The best ways to minimize the size of the stomach naturally.” »

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Do slimming pills appetizing give unequivocal result?

measuring tape and pills
Weight that is lost due to slimming pills unequivocal appetite be retrieved after the time to stop taking a pill in a large number of cases. And sometimes weight increases more than it was before the start of slimming pills unequivocal appetite. The fact that these pills work on the brain and nervous system to curb the appetite naturally occurring, the body’s reaction counterproductive when you turn off the grain and the appetite hormone dramatically increases. The body after being deprived of vitamins and minerals is trying to nutritious foods and vitamins that lost compensation. Finally, often the first body of water loss in the first weeks eating (drugs cut the appetite), and we find that the fat take longer time. Thus most of the weight that is lost is water and not fat.

In short slimming pills appetite for cutting harmful to the body affect the nervous system and balance hormones. It may lead to heart problems and severe mood swings. Nor is it a solution to excess weight.

As for other types of slimming pills are that reduce the absorption of fat in the intestine. These pills are harmless and do not lead to side effects. Reduces fat absorption by 30%, where he graduated this fat off (the toilet). It can be used with meals that may be high in fat, such as fried foods, fast food (Fast Food), many of fat or meat. It is not advisable to take these pills a day because it reduces the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A (A), vitamin K (K), vitamin D (D), vitamin E (E). Examples of pills that reduce the absorption of fat is Xenical, orlistat and Hitokal.

n the markets also types of pills that increase the burn, these pills contain a high content of caffeine and other substances activated and working on the absorption of fat. There are no scientific experiments about these products to determine their safety, but studies have found that one of the components such as Sanniferan Synephrine cause heart problems and high blood pressure. And some of the other material in this product may cause rapid heartbeat and stomach problems so it is not suitable for people with health problems. Since these grains contain many components that interfere with the absorption of certain drugs is better to consult a doctor before consumption and take them with caution. Examples of pills increase the burn is Lipo 6 (Lipo6)

In short slimming pills unequivocal appetite harms outweigh the benefits by far not the solution to excess weight. Weight Loss can be used slimming pills that reduce the absorption of fat and thus alleviate the number of calories consumed from fat. They are the most suitable alternative for the nervous system. And remain correct way to lose weight is the natural healthy eating unprocessed and 30 minutes of daily movement.

Note: You must consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication or pills.

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What are the best types of slimming pills?

measuring tape and pills
The most famous and are frequently found in the market slimming pills are conclusive appetite. The hormone the brain the illusion of fullness thus cuts appetite and lead to weight loss. But these pills affect the balance of various hormones in the body thus causing side effects such as a bad mood, nervousness, sweating, fast heart rate, insomnia. And in some cases may lead to frustration, Sbbb which prompted the European and North American countries to prevent the circulation of slimming pills unequivocal appetite.

Slimming pills come with different names such as Riedktal, Saputrm, Zoterim, Magrim, Magrim Bauer, Natural Max Slamengj or pills from a Chinese herb called natural contents are unknown.

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Diets deceptive


If there was a diet plan looks very impressive degree fictional, they are probably the trail of the paths of the imagination.

Ignored any food programs that support eating detox tablets, or laxatives, or pharmacological doses, or cut the appetite, anything is alleged loss of more than 0.5 – 1 kg per week.

The truth is that cutting calories to less than 1,050 – 1,200 a day the opposite effect may weaken the muscle mass in the body so you do not you will be able to efficiently exercise or weight loss.

Also, the deceptive diets will lead you to failure because they bar you from your needs. Where you will not you will be able to eat this way, becoming more and more possibilities of rebellion and you will end up where you started.

And then, you take all the ways in which enables you to reach the target weight loss effectively. Where to follow the correct way to lose weight – and of exercise regularly, and eat healthy, avoid bad eating habits – to ensure you maintain an ideal weight and healthy condition. Start now to take concrete steps to ease the positive weight properly.

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