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Brown rice and Weight Loss


Studies indicated that replacing white rice and brown rice a few times a week helps to reduce weight and to his riches in fiber and minerals that increase satiety and help in metabolism. And the fact that brown rice has a low Glisema index, does not cause a sharp rise in blood sugar technical responsible for fat storage process in the body.

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Replace white rice with rice brown easy way to lose weight


Rice grew up in China and spread to different countries of the world, until the rice is now believed 50 percent of calories for half the world’s population.

A lot of talk from the White rice Is it harmful or beneficial and what about the idea that “our people eat white rice from generations and did not cause them health problems” and is it true that all the food around us become harmful if what we eat?

What is the difference between white rice and brown rice?
– A grain of rice when picked: composed of the outer shell, the crust, the remnants of the crust (chaff), and the fetus Alandoserm starchy.
– Brown rice: the outer shell is removed and the pill is composed of the crust, the remnants of the crust (chaff), and the fetus Alandoserm starchy.
– White rice: handles and the remnants of the crust remains where Alandoserm and starchy.
Valorz brown retains the fiber, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. It is also very rich in metal manganese, which helps in the formation of fatty acids important for the body and get rid of harmful free radicals, which result from the metabolism or energy production acids. One cup of brown rice per day provides a full body need of manganese. The oil found in brown rice crust helps in reducing cholesterol in the blood.

The white rice is not only keeps the remnants of crust and Alandoserm starchy. Which loses all nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fiber present in the fetus and the crust. It becomes more like a shadow of a grain of rice, and become very low nutritional value and is a source of carbohydrates nothing more.

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Do slimming pills appetizing give unequivocal result?

measuring tape and pills
Weight that is lost due to slimming pills unequivocal appetite be retrieved after the time to stop taking a pill in a large number of cases. And sometimes weight increases more than it was before the start of slimming pills unequivocal appetite. The fact that these pills work on the brain and nervous system to curb the appetite naturally occurring, the body’s reaction counterproductive when you turn off the grain and the appetite hormone dramatically increases. The body after being deprived of vitamins and minerals is trying to nutritious foods and vitamins that lost compensation. Finally, often the first body of water loss in the first weeks eating (drugs cut the appetite), and we find that the fat take longer time. Thus most of the weight that is lost is water and not fat.

In short slimming pills appetite for cutting harmful to the body affect the nervous system and balance hormones. It may lead to heart problems and severe mood swings. Nor is it a solution to excess weight.

As for other types of slimming pills are that reduce the absorption of fat in the intestine. These pills are harmless and do not lead to side effects. Reduces fat absorption by 30%, where he graduated this fat off (the toilet). It can be used with meals that may be high in fat, such as fried foods, fast food (Fast Food), many of fat or meat. It is not advisable to take these pills a day because it reduces the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A (A), vitamin K (K), vitamin D (D), vitamin E (E). Examples of pills that reduce the absorption of fat is Xenical, orlistat and Hitokal.

n the markets also types of pills that increase the burn, these pills contain a high content of caffeine and other substances activated and working on the absorption of fat. There are no scientific experiments about these products to determine their safety, but studies have found that one of the components such as Sanniferan Synephrine cause heart problems and high blood pressure. And some of the other material in this product may cause rapid heartbeat and stomach problems so it is not suitable for people with health problems. Since these grains contain many components that interfere with the absorption of certain drugs is better to consult a doctor before consumption and take them with caution. Examples of pills increase the burn is Lipo 6 (Lipo6)

In short slimming pills unequivocal appetite harms outweigh the benefits by far not the solution to excess weight. Weight Loss can be used slimming pills that reduce the absorption of fat and thus alleviate the number of calories consumed from fat. They are the most suitable alternative for the nervous system. And remain correct way to lose weight is the natural healthy eating unprocessed and 30 minutes of daily movement.

Note: You must consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication or pills.

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Diets to lose weight quickly.


Commitment diet works to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and added sugars, saturated animal fats found in meat and dairy products are recommended. And Ansah- for rapid loss of weight – by focusing on fruit, vegetables, egg whites, chicken breast without skin, fish, products and fat-free dairy, lean meat.
The following additional guidance:

-Ate fruit to help you a feeling of fullness.
-Drink as much as a multitude of water.
-Avoid tempting foods.
-Work to stay busy, so you can avoid eating to overcome the feeling bored.
-Only ate food from the dish, while sitting on the table.
-Do not overlook eating any of your meals.
Keeping the book of daily special food will help you to focus on your objective.

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